Where To Find The Best Ski Resorts In NSW

Where To Find The Best Ski Resorts In NSW

When we think of Australia, one would typically think of vast deserts, roaming valleys and green rainforests, but not really snow-capped mountains blanketed with fresh powder - but that is actually very much a part of the iconic Australian landscape. Even though there are 16 ski resorts in total in Australia, with many relying on snow guns to ensure there is enough snow throughout the winter season, plenty of Australians absolutely love planning a weekend getaway to the snow.

When it comes to the best ski resorts in NSW, there may be only four to choose from, but each ski resort features its own unique personality. Whether you are wanting to learn how to snowboard, are visiting the snow for the first time or perhaps want to try out a new ski resort, here is our guide to the best ski resorts in NSW.

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Picturesque Threadbo European-style Villages Ski Resort

Spanning across 480 hectares of pure white snow is Thredbo, a NSW ski resort that is iconic for its picturesque European-style village that is nestled at the base of its towering mountains. Thredbo is also famously known for having the longest ski run in Australia, which measures in at 5.9km and sits just 2037m above sea level. Not only is Thredbo a fantastic place to visit the snow in NSW, but it is also perfect for everyone in the family. From Eagles Nest at the very top to Sandy Flats at the bottom, Thredbo caters to all levels of proficiency in skiing and snowboarding.

And even though Thredbo is a national park tucked away in the Snowy Mountain, there is plenty of accommodation, restaurants and cafes to enjoy, making it the ideal holiday destination with the family for winter. There are also plenty of chair lifts and t-bars around the mountain to get you quickly to your next run. Thredbo also bursts to life in summer with a wide variety of wildlife, flora and activities to do!

Why you'll love Thredbo:

  • Home to the longest ski run in Australia
  • Caters to all proficiencies in skiing and snowboarding
  • Lots of accommodation and restaurant options available


Biggest Australian Ski Resort Perisher Valley

Technically consisting of four ski resorts in NSW (Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes and Guthega), Perisher boasts an enormous 3,000 acres of cross-country trails that are begging to be explored during the winter season. As the biggest ski resort in Australia, Perisher is absolutely bursting at the seams with fun adventures on the snow - and has hundreds of runs for all ability levels, whether you enjoy snowboarding or skiing.

There are plenty of accommodation options such as hotels and lots of dining options available as well. If you forget to bring your snow gear or are missing a few important items, don't worry, there is rental equipment available on-site as well as skiing and snowboarding lessons that cater to all ages. Featuring hundreds of trails, seven terrain parks and 47 chair lifts, there is plenty of fun adventure to be had at Perisher!

Why you'll love Perisher:

  • The biggest ski resort in Australia
  • The perfect ski resort in NSW for those who haven't seen the snow before
  • Heaps of ski hire options and lessons available

Selwyn Snow Resort

Family Friendly Selwyn Ski Snow Resort

Selwyn Snow Resort may be the smallest ski resort in NSW, but what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in fun! Focused on providing the best family-friendly experience at the snow, you will have a winter playground of 45 hectares to explore, featuring 10 ski lifts and exclusive tobogganing and tubing areas. As an amazing place to see the snow in NSW, Selwyn Snow Resort is just a short scenic drive from Tumut or Cooma.

Selwyn Snow Resort includes all the facilities and amenities that visitors will require such as ski gear hire, equipment hire, ski and snowboarding lessons, great dining options, accommodation and more. From being Australia's largest toboggan park and long stretches of ski runs to simply building a snowman with the family, Selwyn Snow Resort is an amazing place to see the snow in Sydney during the weekend.

Why you'll love Selwyn Snow Resort:

  • Home to the biggest toboggan park in Australia
  • Just a short scenic drive from Cooma or Tumut
  • Comfy accommodation options to make the most of the weekend

Charlotte Pass

Highest Australian Ski Resort Charlotte Pass

As the final ski resort in NSW on our list (until more pop up in the future), Charlotte Pass proudly holds the title of the highest ski resort in Australia, sitting about 1,760 metres above sea level! Even though it may be a smaller ski resort compared to the rest, Charlotte Pass features a unique charm and features some of the best snowfalls in Australia. Getting to Charlotte Pass is also an adventure in itself, which only can be accessed by a 45-minute trip on snow vehicles departing from the Perisher Valley Skitube Terminal.

Charlotte Pass offers 19 snow runs that will cater to all of your snowboarding and skiing needs, and each run is fully catered towards all varieties of experience levels. Featuring arguably the most iconic beautiful ski resort accommodation in NSW, Charlotte Pass is home to the historical Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel, which was built back in 1930 and is widely considered the heart of skiing in Australia. With plenty of restaurants, cocktail bars, cafes and more, Charlotte Pass is the perfect way to see the snow in NSW with the family.

Why you'll love Charlotte Pass:

  • The highest ski resort in Australia (1,760 metres above sea level)
  • Features some of the best snowfalls in Australia
  • Home to the historical Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel

Discover The Best Ski Resorts In NSW Today

These are just some of the many exciting ski resorts in NSW that are the perfect way to escape with the family to the snow. Before you head out though, make sure you are fully stocked up on all your snow gear needs such as snow pants, snow boots, snow goggles and much more. Make sure you check out our Adventure Centre for more exciting snow destinations that you can visit with your friends and family. If you liked where to find the best ski resorts in NSW, then you might also like some of our other articles for awesome destinations in NSW and tips such as:

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