Sea Kayaking

Surround yourself with the open sea and marine life by sea kayaking - a fun and relaxing way to explore natural areas. Our Sea Kayaking Collection has all the kayaking essentials that will prepare you for a day of adventure. Follow the ocean tides and kayak along beautiful beaches with our Sea Kayaking Collection

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What makes a sea kayak different?

Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline and access places other people can't reach. You may even have the opportunity to get up close and personal with dolphins, whales, sea turtles and other amazing creatures of the deep. Anaconda supports the sense of adventure that sea kayaking gives while combatting ocean swells, waves and changing weather conditions. Sea kayaks can be roughly divided into three categories, with lots of great options available at Anaconda.

1. Recreational kayaks: These kayaks are in their element when used close to shore and in calm conditions. Recreational kayaks are shorter and wider than dedicated sea kayaks, providing greater stability and ease of use, but sacrificing speed. A recreational kayak has a larger cockpit and better roll stability.

2. Day touring kayaks: These are the happy medium for stability, tracking, manoeuvrability and efficiency. They are narrower than recreational kayaks, easy to use and stable. They are also rescuable in the event of a capsize.

3. Multi-day sea kayak: For dedicated sea kayakers, these longer touring kayaks prioritise performance in deep water conditions. Special features are designed to optimise storage, safety and kayaker fit. The narrow shape of a sea kayak offers speed through the water as it cuts through waves and swell.

Are sea kayaks comfortable?

Your sea kayak can be as comfortable as you want it to be. Sea kayaking is long distance kayaking and it is worth investing in sea kayak accessories to make the journey more enjoyable. Anaconda products include the Seak Deluxe Kayak Backrest, specially designed to cushion your body against the roll and thrust of ocean currents. This product is made from waterproof and fast-drying polyester, neoprene and foam, and includes a handy removable storage pocket for safekeeping of valuables and small items. Other features include:

  • Contoured upper and lower seat
  • Reinforced straps
  • Non-rusting heavy-duty clips
  • Non-slip studded surface
  • One size fits most kayaks

Does Anaconda have life jackets for sea kayaking?

Yes, we do. At Anaconda, we prioritise safety above all else, and we partner with premium brands to ensure you have the perfect life jacket of personal flotation device. Explore our impressive range of products that include the Yak Blaze 50N PFD Buoyancy Aid, and the Seak Shield Deluxe PFD. These products come with adjustable shoulder and side straps, elasticised side panels, and innovative pockets for safe storage of valuables.

What other sea kayaking gear should I consider?

Our kayaking range includes high quality neoprene stuff sacks, kayak paddles in various lengths to suit your style, waterproof compasses, communications equipment, sun protection, sea kayaking apparel, waterproof map holders and much more. When your day is done on the water, you can conveniently hang your watercraft on the wall using Aquasling, an innovative and space saving storage solution purpose-designed for sea kayaks, available at Anaconda.

Why choose Anaconda for sea kayaking gear?

We are Australia's favourite outdoor and adventure retailer with more available products than anyone else. We partner with famous brands to deliver the highest quality equipment and apparel for the lowest available price. At Anaconda, you get to choose your shopping style, in-store or online. We have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets where you can speak to the experts about your kayaking preferences.

If purchasing online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy and convenient shopping. All Anaconda products come with a comprehensive returns policy, and we offer our famous lowest available price guarantee on all stocked items. Explore sea kayaking the Anaconda way and hit the water in style.



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