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Aqua Marina is a well-known inflatable kayak and stand-up paddle board (SUP) manufacturer. Water sports are enjoyed all around Australia, and the fun is enhanced with paddling equipment. Aqua Marina products at Anaconda include surfboards, paddling boards, inflatable kayaks, kayak paddles, boat paddles, SUPs, boat accessories and a whole lot more. Check out Aqua Marina drift fishing kayaks, Aqua Marina Betta inflatable kayaks, inflatable roof racks and adjustable backpacks. Anaconda partners with Aqua Marina and other great brands, and we pass the savings on to you.

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Inflatable kayaks and boards from Aqua Marina are lightweight and take up little space when deflated. Advantages include portability and simplicity without compromising robust workmanship for a watertight experience. An inflatable paddle board can be conveniently stored when not in use, and taken on a road trip with other luggage when you are on the move. Roof racks aren't required, simply fold the board and carry it in your vehicle storage area or back seat.

Your Aqua Marina paddle board can be used to navigate waterways where there are no rentals, and is inflated and ready for action in no time using a handy air pump. Inflatable boards are easy to get on in the surf, as inflatable materials absorb the shock from waves, unlike rigid vessels. Aqua Marina inflatable kayaks and boards are easy to direct and control, while also easy to safely re-board after being capsized.

When inflated to optimum pressure, an inflatable watercraft will perform admirably, while providing plenty of support. Puncture-resistant materials are used to ensure strength and durability in all conditions. Of all inflatable board and kayak manufacturers, Aqua Marina stands out as a leader, providing versatile and innovative solutions that enhance the experience on Australian waterways.


Aqua Marina Magma: This standard-sized paddle board is ideal for different riders of various skill levels. Easy to handle and attractively designed, this board includes a slide-in centre fin for superior manoeuvrability and a soft footpad for greater traction while negotiating difficult swells. The tail kick pad assists with classic bottom turns and cutbacks, allowing you to showcase your style in all water conditions.

Aqua Marina Race: This sleek board offers stability control for when conditions get tricky. The Aqua Marina Race stand up paddle board provides additional stiffness and rigidity courtesy of lightweight, double layer technology that won't slow you down. Speed, stability and flotation are all enhanced with this streamlined product. The optimised kick pad facilitates quick turns, while the removable slide-in fin provides versatile performance.

Aqua Marina Monster: This strongly constructed paddle board is ideal for heavier riders who still expect fast gliding and a stable surface. Lightweight drop stitch technology and the honeycomb grooved footpad provide ultimate grip and comfort. Product contents include a carry bag, paddle, pump and removable centre fin for versatile performance.

Aqua Marina Accessories: Paddle boards available at Anaconda include a range of accessories for customer convenience. Explore Aqua Marina innovations such as inflatable roof racks and adjustable backpacks, and don't forget your Aqua Marina Jumbo High Pressure Pump for speedy inflation of your board. You can even experience drift fishing serenity using the Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board.

Anaconda supports innovative outdoor brands that focus on quality, performance and style. Aqua Marina fits the bill, and in a country surrounded by exquisite waterways, the products are in demand. Aqua Marina continues to specialise in premium products for the right price, and Anaconda offers a lowest price guarantee, making these paddle boards and accessories a smart choice for people who want premium equipment that can handle tough conditions.

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