Camp Site Essentials

Anaconda has all the camping essentials you need to get your camp site decked out and ready for good times. From sun protection to fire pits, our range of camping accessories will help you make the most of your days and nights away.

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What camping accessories are available?

Camping has got to be one of the best things going, but you do need the right gear if you're going to make the most of it (lying awake in a leaky tent is nobody's idea of a good time!). At Anaconda, we'll get you decked out and ready to brave the elements in comfort.

Heating, cooling and cooking

  • Tent fans are perfect for camping in Australian conditions. When the sun's beating down and there's not a breath of wind, a tent fan will provide the cooling breeze to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Heaters and fire pits are central to the camping experience. Sure, camping days are amazing but it's the nights spent around the campfire you'll remember most.
  • Camping fuel and fire includes LPG gas bottles, propane and fire starters - everything you need to make sure you can get a hot meal on the boil rain, hail or shine.


  • Camping washing accessories will have you smelling like roses, even after weeks in the bush. From travel liquid laundry wash to collapsible buckets, check out our washing accessories to stay fresh and clean.
  • Auto accessories & electrical covers everything from jumper cables to caravan stabilisers and trailer lamp kits. Check out the range to make sure you've got everything you need before you hit the road.
  • Storage & repair includes heavy duty Dune storage boxes as well as a range of camping storage options and repair kits to keep your gear organised and secure.

Staying protected

  • First aid kits are a must have item for any camping trip. Our first aid range will ensure you're prepared to deal with any accidents or ailments should they arise.
  • Insect protection will ensure that little bugs and bities don't get in the way of a good time. From mosquito nets to RID, don't head bush before checking out our insect protection
  • Sun protection is not just a good idea, it's an absolute necessity if you plan on spending time in the sun.

Must-have camping accessories for any campsite

There are some things you just don't want to go camping without. First aid kits, sun protection, camping fuel and fire, as well as any auto and electrical accessories you require, are necessitiesif you're going to stay safe and have a good time.

More camping accessories to consider

Be mindful of the weather conditions and time of year when you're planning your next trip. In most parts of Australia, we're lucky enough to be able to go camping all year round. Still, there are different things to consider depending on the time of year you're heading away. If you're not sure what to pack, take a look at our tips on how to stay warm camping in winter or how to keep cool in summer - you'll be glad you did!

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