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Warm up or cook outdoors with friends and family use Anaconda's camping heater with windshield. Explore our camping heater and fire pit range at Anaconda now.

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I think I need heating for my camping trip - can Anaconda help?

Yes, we can. Anaconda stocks a huge range of different heating appliances for camping and other outdoor trips, so we can provide you with various options to keep you warm. With a choice of different types of heaters to keep you warm inside, as well as various styles of heater for use outdoors, you will find many heating appliances to choose from to suit your trip.

What types of heaters do you supply?

If you are looking for a portable heater to take along on your next camping trip, you will have several choices here at Anaconda, including a small heater that can simply be fitted to the top of a gas canister, as well as several heaters that have their own propane canisters, or one that works on disposable gas cartridges. All of them are easy to operate. When travelling with children, please make sure you check safety features such as whether the heater switches off automatically when it gets knocked over.

What about campfires?

If you are looking for a fire to sit around at night and tell campsite stories, take a look at the different options available here at Anaconda. You will have your choice of several fire pits in different sizes and designs, as well as a Chiminea and even a pot belly stove, which will come in useful for preparing camp delicacies on your trip, as well as boiling water. Fire pits are a fairly recent invention, but are much more practical than trying to start a fire from scratch on the ground. They can be used at home between camping trips too, for example on your terrace, patio or balcony.

What else will I need for my camp fire?

Depending on where and when you are travelling, you might want to look at investing in a 4-sided campfire windshield from Anaconda. This will not only make it easier to get your fire going, but it will also keep the heat more closely contained to your immediate area. Light and folding, it will take up hardly any space in your car. It can even double up as a shade or windbreak during the day.

What about other essentials?

You can count on Anaconda to have everything you need for your campfire or your heating appliance. With essentials ranging from windproof and waterproof storm matches to wood and BBQ fuel as well as replacement valves, gas cartridges, and other necessities, you can find everything you need here.

Of course, Anaconda does not only stock heaters, so if you are looking at other temperature regulating options, check out the range of fans and cooling equipment available from Anaconda as well. Whatever the weather on your camping trip, Anaconda has your temperature requirements covered.



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