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How To Best Store Your Camping Gear And Equipment

Getting your camping gear and equipment in order before you go on a camping trip is vital. Once you are in the great outdoors, the last thing you want to discover is that you've forgotten something. Improper storage can also cause problems finding essential equipment when you need it most. So, to ensure you are prepared fully, here are some of our top storage tips for your upcoming camping trip.

Why Should I Use Storage Bins Or Boxes For Camping Gear?

Storage boxes come in various shapes, sizes and designs. You can obtain clear storage boxes, but also painted storage boxes with additional features. Ideally, you want to use some storage boxes for your camping trip. For the best storage setup, you will need at least some stackable storage boxes or bins.

In a perfect world, you should use your backpack or duffel back for clothing alone. Stackable storage boxes are perfect for other essentials, this includes food you are taking as well as small belongings such as books, games, and other entertainment for the camping location.

One of the major benefits of storage boxes is that they are resistant to various weather conditions. Most storage boxes are made from sturdy plastic, which means they will not encounter damage from water or other strong weather elements. As such, storage boxes should be you go-to storage option for most equipment and belongings you will be taking with you.

The Importance Of Camping-Only Equipment

While it may be tempting to take your regular cutlery and mugs on a camping trip, these are more likely to get damaged or lost. If you cannot afford to lose valuable cutlery, or want to avoid breaking your favourite mug, it is essential to get some stuff you will solely use during your camping trips.

There are plenty of mugs, cutlery, and other essentials that are made for camping alone. These items tend to be durable as well as portable, leaving more space for other things in the back of your car.

How Do I Pack Clothes For My Camping Trip?

Those of your who went camping in the past can tell you that any space you have for packing is essential. Clothing can be quite a problem specifically, especially for longer camping trips where there is no opportunity to wash clothing.

There are several ways to save some room when you are packing your clothing for a camping trip. Some people prefer to roll their clothing instead of folding it, this provides them with an easier overview of the clothes they are taking and creates more space in the bag overall. There is also the Marie Kondo folding method, which can save you room in your camping luggage as well as in your drawers at home.

What Is The Best Way To Load Up The Car For A Camping Trip?

How often have you loaded up the car, only to find you put something essential in the back? Naturally, loading up the car for a camping trip requires consideration. Some things need to be easily accessible, this includes first aid supplies, bug repellent, and water. You should also place your tent in the car as one of the last things, this since you are likely to setup the tent upon your arrival.

Even though it is not always possible, trying to maintain a complete overview of everything in the trunk of the car can be a good idea. By storing your equipment in a specific way, you can easily find what you need once you arrive on the campsite. However, if such a stacking option is not possible, always use the method we described above.

Camping Storage Solutions At Anaconda

Anaconda has a collection of storage solutions for your camping trip, this includes storage boxes suitable for sandy environments as well as trunks for food storage. We also provide supplies for storage repair, so you can be sure all your storage solutions will be fully functional during your camping trip.

For more information about our storage solutions or the storage repair supplies we provide, please check out the online catalogue. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Anaconda.



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