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A hard cooler is essential for any trips to the beach, camping, fishing or enjoying a picnic with friends. Pack your food and drinks and keep them fresh with a versatile hard cooler. The range of hard coolers at Anaconda is comprehensive, featuring different sizes and brands. Choose from small hard coolers and large family hard coolers with wheels that will have enough space to feed the whole crew. Keep your favourite beverages cool for hours so having a barbecue in the summer heat won't be a problem. Trust Anaconda for the best range of coolers in Australia, we also have soft cooler bags and ice boxes so you can find the best solution for you.

How a Cooler Box Works

The basic outline of how a hard cooler works is through an important combination of ice and insulation. The insulation component will slow down the circulation of warm air inside the camping cooler and is made from materials such as foam or plastic, like our Spinifex 5L Hard Cooler. In tandem with this, the ice will help regulate the inside temperature and make sure that it stays nice and chilly.

Hard Cooler FAQs

What is a hard cooler?

A hard cooler is made with hard, usually plastic sides that feature impressive rigidity which will not bend and are designed to withstand the various elements of the great outdoors when camping and exploring. And with a range of hard coolers from brands such as Dune, Spinifex and more, finding a durable hard cooler is easy at Anaconda.

How to use a cooler box?

How to use a cooler box is very simple and easy. All you have to do is start by layering the ice blocks that you are using on the bottom of the hard cooler you are using. Once they have been laid down, then cover the ice blocks with a layer of cardboard. This is important as it will stop the food and other items from slipping down and becoming soggy.

How to keep a cooler box cold?

There are various ways you can keep your camping cooler box colder for longer. The most popular and easiest way is to better insulate the hard cooler. This can be done by keeping it out of direct sunlight as much as possible, either by covering it with a blanket, using a roof rack or any type of cover to shield it. Another option is to regularly replace the ice packs and ice bricks you are using.

How long do hard coolers stay cold?

If you are using ice blocks in your hard cooler, then your hard cooler should stay cold for at least 12 hours to a maximum of seven days. This wide timeframe is due to various factors such as the material the hard cooler is made out of, the temperature of the items when they are first placed inside the cooler and how the cooler is stored (out of sunlight).

What is the best cooler for camping?

The best type of cooler for camping mostly depends on what you are storing and how much of it needs to be stored. For example, our Spinifex hard cooler features a capacity of up to 55L, making it the best hard cooler for families. For solo adventures, the Coleman hard cooler is a better option that features a 26L capacity and a convenient handle for easier lifting.

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