10 Outdoorsy Date Ideas For Couples

10 Outdoorsy Date Ideas For Couples

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, planning a cute little outing with your special someone is the perfect way to showcase your undying love for one another. Whether you are looking for free outdoor date ideas or something new and different for your next date night, getting out amongst nature is seriously underrated (and very romantic!). Being outside in nature, apart from the many benefits, can create an intimate environment on your next date that helps to foster a deeper connection to your soulmate. From the most adventurous date ideas, all the way to the most fun outdoor date ideas, here are our top picks (from the love experts at Anaconda) for the top 10 outdoorsy date ideas for couples you absolutely need to try for your next date!

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  1. Hiking/Walking
  2. Snorkelling
  3. Stargazing
  4. Fruit Picking
  5. Have A Picnic Date
  6. A 4WD Adventure
  7. Glamping
  8. Canoeing/Kayaking
  9. A Boating Adventure
  10. Watching Local Sports

1: Hiking/Walking

As one of the best ideas when looking for free outdoor date ideas, taking your special someone on a hiking or walking trail is a great way to connect with your partner in nature, especially as there are so many walking trails in Australia. It is a great chance to chat, get in some exercise and best of all, it's free! It is also a great way to get those hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin flowing, promoting good date vibes. Going for a hike or a walk for a date also creates a special moment in where all distractions such as loud noises are removed, leaving only you and your special someone to connect and bond - just make sure you have a good pair of outdoor footwear!

2: Snorkelling

Kid and teenager snorkelling in shallow clear waters

This next fun outdoor date idea will take you underwater, so make sure you bring your snorkelling gear! Exploring an intricate world of coral, sea life and aquatic plants underwater is something special to bond over with your partner or special someone in your life. The best thing about snorkelling is that it's easy and doesn't require special or expensive equipment. You both can enjoy slowly sinking beneath the waves to explore an underwater wonderland and then discuss your experience over dinner! For a unique and adventurous date idea, you absolutely have to give snorkelling a go!

3: Stargazing

As another great choice when looking for free outdoor date ideas, stargazing has so much going for it. There is just something so special about lying next to each other while staring up at the ethereal cosmos as massive self-luminous celestial bodies of gas (also known as stars) shine majestically throughout the night sky. Even though many of these stars have died a long time ago due to running out of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen (their main fuel source), their photons (light particles) are still travelling millions of lightyears to get to us, so we are still able to see them twinkling in the distance - even though they aren't technically there anymore (a form of time dilation from Einstein's theory of general relativity). It is an intimate date activity that promotes a feeling of closeness that other dates can't provide, fostering a deeper connection with your partner.

4: Fruit Picking

A fun outdoor date idea doesn't necessarily have to involve exploring the depths of the ocean or the dizzying heights of the cosmos. Fruit picking is a cute way to spend time with your partner while taking in the beautiful sunshine. Most fruit picking activities are located on farms, providing stunning backdrops that are perfect for photographs. And best of all, you get to eat delicious and healthy fruit once you are done! There are plenty of fruit picking destinations all throughout Australia, but make sure to check with them first because a lot of fruit picking places are seasonal.

5: Have A Picnic Date

2 women eating a cheeseboard in a large furnished beige tent

Sometimes you just can't beat the classics. Going on a picnic isn't something new, but it does offer one of the best fun outdoor date ideas to celebrate your love with your partner. All you need is a trusty blanket (or tablecloth if you prefer to sit at a table), all the picnicware you'll need depending on your plans and your partner's dreamy eyes to get lost in. Bringing a cooler is also a great idea too for making sure that all of your food and drinks stay nice and cool, which is a big plus in summer.

6: A 4WD Adventure

Looking for adventurous date ideas that will give your partner the ride of their life? Look no further than 4WDing! If the 4WD is rocking, don't come knocking - and of course, we are talking about driving offroad on a 4WD trail. There are so many awesome 4WD tracks in Australia that are begging to be explored, and offer the perfect fun outdoor date idea for adventurous couples who enjoy the great outdoors. From seeing the best of the Australian bush to testing the limits of your 4WD, there is so much to enjoy with your partner. Just make sure you are fully stocked up on all of your 4WD gear.

7: Glamping

If your partner prefers the finer things in life, then going on a glamping trip is another fantastic outdoor date idea that you should definitely consider this Valentine's Day. For those of you who don't know, glamping is like camping - but elevated to indulge in the finer things in life. Do away with tents, makeshift camp kitchens and air mattresses and instead embrace air-conditioned cabins, hotel-style king-size beds and magnificent views of the surrounding Australian landscape that you could only ever dream about in your wildest dreams. When it comes to romance and camping, glamping is where it's at.

8: Canoeing/Kayaking

2 people canoeing in a wide river

If you and your partner enjoy the water, then canoeing or kayaking is another great choice when it comes to fun and adventurous date ideas for couples. It's budget-friendly and extremely fun, so it's a win-win for Valentine's Day! It's also a good opportunity to let your guard down and get real with each other. Unlike having a chat over some casual dinner, kayaking and canoeing is a fun watersport that requires teamwork to be successful, providing a great opportunity to become closer with your partner.

9: A Boating Adventure

Ok, so maybe you both enjoy the water but don't want a date that is that intense but still nautical-themed. In that case, a boating adventure is a great outdoor date idea. Even though the ocean can seem like a vast and endless void, it is the perfect setting for an intimate date where you can truly get to know your partner. It's a private moment for you both to share and can be combined with a picnic or a fun fishing trip for the ultimate fun outdoor date idea! Just make sure that you have all your boating gear and supplies before setting off!

10: Watching Local Sports

Watching local sports on a date fosters a sense of community and shared enthusiasm, given you both support the same team! It provides a relaxed yet lively atmosphere, allowing for easy conversation and bonding over your mutual interest in the love of sports. The energy of the crowd adds excitement, creating memorable moments together. Local sports events often showcase the pride of the community, creating a positive and inclusive experience. Additionally, it's a cost-effective date option, offering entertainment without the need for extravagant expenses. Overall, attending local sports events promotes connection, enjoyment and a shared sense of belonging, making it a great choice for a memorable and enjoyable date.

Try Out These Fun Outdoor Date Ideas Today

Try out some of these fantastic outdoor date ideas this Valentine's Day and create lasting romantic memories with your special someone. Make sure you check out our Adventure Centre for more exciting destinations that you can visit with your friends, loved ones and family. If you liked our 10 Outdoorsy Date Ideas For Couples, then you might also like some of our other articles for awesome destinations and tips such as:

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