The Best 4WD Tracks In Australia By State

The Best 4WD Tracks In Australia By State

Listing the best 4WD tracks in Australia is a daunting prospect on a number of levels. First, there are so many to choose from. Second, 4WD tracks in NSW have a different appeal for drivers than 4WD tracks in Victoria. Then the 4WD tracks of South Australia offer a completely different experience to the 4WD tracks in Queensland, and so on. You can see the dilemma. So, in coming up with the best 4WD tracks in Australia, we've aimed at an assortment of tracks that are accessible for drivers of all skill levels, including tracks that are indisputably 5-star for the expert drivers to tackle.

Get ready for adventure! Here are some of the best 4WD tracks in Australia for you, family and friends to conquer!

Important reminder: While 4X4 off-roading is crazy fun, it can easily end in tragedy if you're not properly prepared. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the 4WD essentials you need to have on board your vehicle, and have fun!

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NSW: Abercrombie River National Park

NSW: Abercrombie River National Park

Only 2.5 hours from Sydney is the Abercrombie River, boasting some of the steepest and most diverse 4WD tracks NSW has to offer.

As opposed to a single track or trail, the beauty of Abercrombie River is the choice of tracks that cater to varying experience levels. Take, for example, the Arkstone Road entry point to the park, with its two-day-long loop road trail that starts in relatively flat terrain before ending roughly 1,000 metres above sea level, and taking in camping sites at The Beach and Silent Creek.

Other tracks to explore include many of the National Park's fire trails such as the Silent Creek fire trail, as well as the Middle, Bald Hill, Licking Hole and Brass Walls fire trails, each showcasing the diverse flora, fauna and terrain to discover within the park.

Apart from being a great introduction for off-roading for beginners, Abercrombie National Park has an abundance of camping sites, each with their own unique environmental 'flavour', and some great family-friendly stops to make along the way at places like the old gold miners' huts at Licking Hole.

You'll need a 4X4 with good clearance and low-range gears but, apart from the usual safety gear you should already have in your off-roader and some camping gear, you can explore the Abercrombie National Park without the need for specialised 4WD accessories.

Why You'll Love Abercrombie River National Park

  • Only 2.5 hours from sydney
  • Beginner friendly
  • Plenty of camp sites to choose from
  • Variety of trails and terrain to explore for more experienced drivers

Tasmania: Jacob's Ladder, Ben Lomond National Park

Tasmania: Jacob's Ladder, Ben Lomond National Park

There are more technically challenging off-road tracks in Tasmania but few cater to 4X4 fans of all skill levels and deliver the sensory pay-off of Jacob's Ladder in the Ben Lomond National Park, near Launceston.

Jacob's Ladder is only 14 kilometres long but, what it lacks in distance, it makes up for with its winding, zig-zagging switchback roads and sheer cliff drops that require a heavy degree of concentration from whoever's behind the wheel as you climb Ben Lomond Mountain.

Another ace up Jacob's Ladder's sleeve is its cross-seasonal appeal. In winter, it becomes a snow-filled wonderland - the gateway to skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. In spring, summer and autumn, the snow melts away to highlight the verdant majesty of Ben Lomond National Park and the beauty of Tasmania's untamed, natural environment.

The Ben Lomond camping ground has six unpowered campsites that can accommodate tents and campervans. There are toilets and drinking water, making it the ideal overnight stop after tackling one of the Ben Lomond hiking trails, or before heading off to try Tasmania's other amazing 4X4 tracks like Jeffrey's Track or the East West 4X4 trail in Wellington Park, or the challenging Climies Track in Heemskirk, or Montezuma Falls Track in Roseberry.

You don't need a tricked-out off-roader to enjoy Jacob's Ladder, other than tyre chains in winter for the icy roads. Just buckle up, concentrate and enjoy.

Why You'll Love Jacob's Ladder, Ben Lomond National Park:

  • Challenging cliff drops and winding tracks
  • Gateway to skiing and snow adventures
  • Convenient camp sites
  • Options to explore surrounding tracks

Queensland: The Old Telegraph Track (Cape York Track)

Queensland: The Old Telegraph Track (Cape York Track)

The Old Telegraph Track is a bucket list track for off-road lovers from all over Australia, let alone 4WD tracks in Queensland. Stretching from Cooktown to Seisia, its 848 kilometres takes a 'leisurely' 24 to 26 days to traverse, depending on the prevailing weather and track conditions. And, due to the track having very few overtaking points, it's advised you travel south to north.

Following the original telegraph line through the Cape York Peninsula, the Old Telegraph Track combines some amazing rainforest wilderness and stunning swimming holes like Fruitbat Falls. It also incorporates a range of water crossings, steep climbs and equally challenging slopes such as Palm Creek, Gunshot Creek and Nolan's Brook, as well as the infamous Gunshot Creek section of the track.

When the driving gets a bit taxing and you need a spell, you'll find some fantastic stopping-off points including Chili Beach, Lakefield National Park, Thursday Island, Old Laura Station and Weipa.

Much like Canning Stock Route in WA, the Old Telegraph Track is a 4WD adventure for the experienced off-roading enthusiast, and it's advised you travel in pairs to maximise the safety (and enjoyment) of the route. Your vehicle needs to be packed with the appropriate recovery gear, with a snorkel and winch more than likely to be called upon at various stages of the track.

River camping at Jardine National Park is considered a must-do and, despite the number of idyllic water holes you'll come across, don't forget you're in crocodile country, so you should only swim or camp where signs say it's safe to do so.

Like most of the top end, the safest time of the year to attempt the Old Telegraph Track is in the cooler and drier months between April and October.

Why You'll Love The Old Telegraph Track (Cape York Track):

  • Staggering 848 kilometres to explore
  • Stunning rainforest and swimming spots to enjoy
  • Exciting water crossings
  • Different sections for different skill levels

South Australia: Flinders Ranges

South Australia: Flinders Ranges

The Oodnadatta track is revered as the best 4WD track in South Australia by 4X4 enthusiasts, but the range of tracks to explore, and the experiences you can enjoy makes the Flinders Ranges a prime destination for lovers of off-roading looking for an excell

Western Australia: Canning Stock Route
ent 4X4 adventure in South Australia.

The Flinders Ranges are around 200 kilometres west of Adelaide, with tracks and trails catering to all levels of 4x4 experience. The views at various points along the journey are dazzling to say the least, and are sure to stay entrenched in your memory for years after your visit.

There is the three-hour long Burnette Track - an intermediate track, with good hill climbs that payoff with brilliant ridge top drives and views, the six-hour Ferguson Gorge Track - a basic but picturesque track on Moolooloo Station that includes a good hike to the eponymous gorge, and Arkaroola - described by 4WDing Australia as the "poster boy of South Australian outback visits" with tracks that cater to all levels of experience, camping grounds and even a reception centre.

Glamping and traditional camping are available at Wilpena Pound in the National Park, Alpana Station has well-equipped rooms, and Holowiliena Station - located 50 kilometres from Craddock in the east of the Ranges - is a working sheep station that dates back to 1852 and also offers accommodation.

Arkaroola Caravan Park has two on-site cabins, 50 powered caravan and camping sites, with ample space for unpowered camping. It has a shower and toilet block, coin-operated laundry, camp kitchen, gas BBQs and a communal fireplace. It also boasts a swimming pool for cooling off in the warmer months but, in terms of drinking water, you'll need to bring your own.

To enjoy the sights of the Flinders Ranges tracks without incident, your 4X4 needs to have good ground clearance and all-terrain tyres with excellent traction. But, with a 600-million-year-old landscape, this spectacular trip back to indigenous Australia's Dreamtime is an experience that's worth the prep.

Why You'll Love Flinders Ranges:

  • Amazing lookout points to enjoy
  • Glamping, camping and caravan options available
  • Explore indigenous Australia's Dreamtime landscape
  • Array of tracks for different driving challenges

Western Australia: Canning Stock Route

Northern Territory: Binns Track

The Northern Territory is a godsend for 4x4 lovers - there's no doubt about that. With a seemingly endless supply of offroading tracks to choose from, the thrill often comes in the blurring of lines between what's a road and what's a track. It's all about becoming one with the top end's natural magnificence.

Named in honour of a former Northern Territory ranger, Bill Binns, the Binns Track is a 2,230-kilometre trek beginning at the Mount Dare Hotel in the northern reaches of South Australia, before stretching through some of central Australia's most iconic spots like the East McDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs, Atitjere, Tennant Creek and Katherine and ending at Makalamayi (Timber Creek).

The majority of the track is gravel and corrugated, so your 4X4 will need to have a suspension set-up that can cope including all-terrain tyres. There are some unforgettable self-sufficient camping destinations along the route and, as far as permit requirements go, you'll need a Simpson Desert Park pass to access Mount Dare.

You'll also need to have a moderate level of 4X4 driving experience behind you but, if you're a beginner, patience (as always), concentration and the right safety equipment on board should see you through without any major trouble.

As with almost all of the Northern Territory's off-road experiences, May to October is the best time to visit after the rainy season dumps have dried away. It's dirty and it's dusty - but isn't that what off-roading is all about?

Why You'll Love Binns Track:

  • 2,230-kilometre trek
  • Visits central Australia's most iconic spots
  • Explore gorgeous desert landscapes

Victoria: Billy Goat's Bluff

Victoria: Billy Goat's Bluff

Australia's outback isn't the only place you'll find technically difficult 4X4 tracks. Starting off in Dargo, in Victoria's high country, the 125-kilometre long Billy Goat's Bluff 4WD track in Victoria is serious business-and not for the off-roading beginner.

Similar to Jacob's Ladder in Tasmania, Billy Goat's Bluff is visually stunning in winter with its snow-covered plains, and steps into another gear in the spring, summer and autumn months as the towering snow gums and high country wilderness come together to create a visually stunning environment.

Although you can do the trek within a day, there are plenty of sites along the track where you might like to set up camp and take it easy, including Horseyard Flat, Black Snake Creek and Moroka Hut (a great picnic spot). Ensure you've packed plenty of potable water and you're prepared for a self-sufficient camping experience.

Along with the standard safety gear that should be on board any off-roader, you'll be well-advised to attempt Billy Goat's with a winch and sturdy recovery gear. As mentioned, the track itself is extremely challenging with steep, rocky climbs and a 1,200m descent over seven kilometres in parts including super-narrow sections of track. Woohoo!

Why You'll Love Billy Goat's Bluff:

  • Technical challenge for experienced drivers
  • Great picnic spots along the way
  • Rocky climbs and narrow tracks for exploration
  • Beautiful wilderness environment to explore

Explore Australia's Best 4WD Tracks With Anaconda

So, there you have it - no matter what point of the compass you're at, Australia boasts the kind of 4WD tracks that offer something for everyone, not to mention a range of experiences that are unique to this land down under. It's time to hit the road! Ensure you're ready for the track with Anaconda's range of 4WD gear that is designed for adventure. You can find great equipment including navigation devices, load restraint, 4WD recovery equipment and auto electrical accessories to elevate your experience. Plus, find everything you need for camping and enjoying your surroundings on your trip. Prepare for your next 4WD trip with more useful buying guides and articles on the Adventure Centre. You might like the following articles:




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