The Yakima bike rack brand needs no introduction. Cyclists the world over trust highest quality Yakima bike racks for safe transportation of men’s, women’s and kid’s bikes. Explore the great Anaconda Yakima collection today.

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Yakima is the first bike rack brand people turn to, and as usual Anaconda has the selection you are looking for. The variety of sturdy, adjustable and securely fitted bike and boat racks is unmatched, all in unmistakable Yakima style. If you are getting ready to hit the trail or the road on your bicycle, a Yakima bike rack suitable for single or multiple bikes, may be just what you need.

Yakima has been transforming how people travel for 40 years by pairing imagination with utility. Everything produced at Yakima is the result of extensive planning and innovation, with a major focus on safety. Yakima products give you the bike lifting options needed for transporting your ride safely and securely.

With humble beginnings in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State, Yakima expansion included growth in the coastal Californian town of Arcata. Yakima bike racks decked out the vehicle fleet at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, and the rest is history. Yakima is all about getting back to nature with original, safe and easy-to-use solutions. If your adventure includes getting away from the concrete jungle and experiencing the great outdoors by bike, Yakima may be just what you are looking for.

The transition from work to play, or stress to fun, isn't always easy, but Yakima makes it happen in minutes. This bike rack range is vast and ready to equip a wide range of vehicles with every style of bike or boat rack. A bike is often the best way to remain mobile when based at a campsite or other accommodation, and a fun adventure in the Australian outdoors is entirely possible with Yakima.

The commitment to quality has always been a Yakima trademark, and the reputation for superior racks has remained strong for generations. Yakima has been at the forefront of breakthroughs for roof rack and bike mount design that makes road trips easier and safer. Yakima continues to utilise cutting edge science, the latest technology and superior engineering solutions that take the guesswork out of hauling gear.

All Yakima products must meet international standards and satisfy in-house testing. Designs are formulated using high-tech simulations, innovative solutions and the best manufacturing processes possible. Yakima racks are shaped and built to handle the weight and movement involved in transportation. The partnership between Anaconda and Yakima is a natural fit, and customers are the big winners.

At Anaconda, we have Australia's widest range of camping, hiking and outdoor gear available, all from leading brand name manufacturers. With an Australia-wide network of retail stores, plus an unbeatable online range, anaconda has all angles covered, including unbeatable prices. At Anaconda, we offer a lowest price guarantee on all items, instore and online, including highest quality Yakima racks purpose built for your vehicle and style.

Yakima accessories are equally useful, and will ensure your bikes or other cargo are held firmly in place. Solutions include the Yakima Superjoe 3 Bike Boot Rack for temporary on-off bike carrying use. The whole family can come along for the ride with Yakima. The Yakima Boat Strap Kit is another versatile idea worth considering so your kayak or other vessel reaches the water safely.

You can secure your kayak with a Yakima Evenkeel Kayak Rack, and the Yakima bike rack range available at Anaconda can't be beat. Great options include the Yakima Frontloader Roof Bike Rack, Yakima King Joe Pro 3 Bike Carrier, Yakima Forklift Bike Rack and Yakima Doubledown 4 Hitch Bike Rack.

Check out the full Anaconda range of Yakima products and other great outdoor equipment, and start your next adventure in style.



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