Gumboots are an essential footwear item in some occupations, and their waterproof ability is something every Australian can appreciate, with a wide range of styles available under the one roof at Anaconda.

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They may not win many fashion awards, but when the weather turns bad and rain comes tumbling down, gumboots are everyone's favourite. Styles have evolved and today's gumboots are the versatile solution for experiencing the best of the Australian outdoors even during poor weather.

Quality gumboots should provide versatile performance and last for years of reliable service. Modern gumboot designs are fun and trendy, but appearance shouldn't be sacrificed for performance, making the gumboot selections at Anaconda a smart investment in long-term comfort. Here are some advantages you will appreciate with the best gumboots, available at Anaconda.

  1. They keep your feet 100% dry. There is no alternative to thick rubber boots for creating an impenetrable barrier between your feet and the elements.
  2. Keeping feet dry is the secret behind keeping them warm. Some gumboots even incorporate insulation to keep your feet toasty warm as well as dry.
  3. Gumboots offer serious protection from snakes, spiders, leeches, mosquitoes and all other creepy crawlies of the Australian bush. They also protect against knocks, scrapes and other injuries.
  4. Gumboots provide access to areas that other shoes or boots don't. That's why they are so popular with fisherman, farmers and outdoor workers in a wide range of environmental conditions.
  5. They are very easy to clean, and dry in no time. Simply hose off the mud or muck and leave them outside to dry, and they are good to go.
  6. Rubber gumboot soles have good grip on most surfaces. Special non-slip soles are incorporated into some premium gumboots designed for workplace-specific purposes.

Not all gumboots are created equally. At Anaconda, we partner with leading brands and manufacturers with a focus on quality and an eye for detail. Here are some gumboot features worth consideration.

Material: Good gumboot rubber is flexible enough to move with you and resist splitting. A little thickness helps prevent holes and resists snake bites.

Weight: Modern gumboots are light. Caked on mud is already weighty enough, so a relatively lightweight gumboot will provide a little more spring in your step.

Sole: Gumboots worn on smooth surfaces need to have non-slip soles with plenty of tread for best safe work practices.

Insulation: The type of gumboots you purchase should match their expected use. Insulated gumboots are ideal in cold climates.

Fit: Gumboots should fit comfortably around the foot and ankle, while providing roominess higher on the leg. If they are too tight you won't be able to tuck pant legs into them, resulting in wet pants and an opportunity for bugs and critters to enter.

Anaconda gumboots are manufactured by premium brands such as Cape, BOGS and Crocs using the latest technologies and cutting edge science. BOGS Bozeman Men's Mid Gumboots, for example, have heaps of special features for all-weather performance.

Innovations include a four-way stretch inner bootie, seamless construction, Neo-Tech insulation, Rebound technology, moisture wicking qualities and a non-marking outsole. These amazing boots, available at incredible Anaconda prices, have a comfort rating to -40C for optimum cold weather performance.

For more gumboot and footwear excellence, browse the Anaconda range online, or visit us in-store and try on your favourite styles.



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