Founded in Oregon and with reach around the world, Bogs are the gumboot of choice for combatting cold and wet weather. Bogs are much more than your average gumboot, featuring four-way stretch neo-tech insulation and impressive comfort rating, these boots can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

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What makes Bogs the right gumboot choice?

Gumboots are all about waterproof foot protection. Wearing the right type of gumboots can be absolutely essential in muddy and wet environments, and it is possible to find gumboots that provide sturdy and protective long-term service at Anaconda. There is a world of difference between trendy rain boots that offer little real protection, and a good pair of working gumboots designed for outdoor workers and all-weather adventurers. Bogs gumboots tick all the right boxes. Here is a great Bogs product worth considering.

BOGS Men's Bozeman Mid Gumboot: You can tell these Bogs gumboots mean serious business at first glance. They are lightweight all-weather boots capable of handling sub-zero temperatures thanks to amazing neo-tech waterproof insulation and seamless construction. At 30% lighter than comparable gumboots, the Bozeman Mid Gumboots provide the grip and fit required to push on through sodden terrain without getting stuck. Here are some features.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfort rated to -40 degrees Celsius
  • Removable dual footbeds for superior comfort
  • Special stabiliser construction for ultimate foot support
  • Durable rubber construction with a four-way stretch inner bootie
  • Rebound technology for long lasting comfort in all weather conditions
  • Footbed features dual density EVA, Ortholite, and DuraFresh for optimal comfort

The Men's Bozeman Mid Gumboots also include premium moisture wicking lining that keeps your feet dry even during hard working conditions.

What to expect from a good pair of gumboots?

It isn't always about the look with gumboots, although Bogs gumboots are actually quite appealing. Here are the important functions to look for in quality gumboots.

  1. They keep your feet dry at all times. Although premium hiking boots will repel water to a degree, only tough rubber gumboots keep your feet dry in thick mud and shallow water.
  2. They keep your feet warm. If tramping in alpine regions, wet feet can quickly freeze. Bogs gumboots keep your feet dry and warm, particularly noted when wearing insulated gumboots.
  3. They protect your feet. Gumboots help you avoid water-borne infections, snake bites, spider bites and the intrusion of other creepy crawlies.
  4. They offer wider access. When wearing Bogs gumboots, you can stride forward with confidence through shallow streams, ponds, swales and drenched countryside.
  5. They are easy to clean. Unlike muddy hiking boots or shoes, gumboots are a breeze to clean. Simple hose them off and allow to air dry, ready for action when you need them.
  6. They provide grip. Quality Bogs gumboots include anti-slip soles to ensure you keep your footing on any surface.

Are there special Bogs Gumboot features to look for?

Yes, there are. It is worth noting Bogs gumboot material that offers comfort, flexibility and enough thickness to provide foot protection against scrapes, knocks and bites. Gumboot weight is another important consideration. It can be tiring to wade through mud and muck, and at 30% lighter than comparable gumboots, Bogs will allow you to keep a spring in your step.

A non-slip sole is a very important. Bogs gumboots feature a sole that provides genuine traction. Insulation qualities are also worth noting, whether you require gumboots for cold, temperate or tropical environments. A little roominess is also important, but not so much that your legs pull out every time the boot gets sucked into mud. A little room around the top for tucking pant legs into is also a bonus.

With so much to think about, it's worth checking out the extensive Anaconda range of gumboots, hiking boots, snow boots and casual boots prior to making a choice. With an Australia-wide network of retail outlets, a convenient online purchasing experience, and our famous lowest available price guarantee on every stocked item, Anaconda is sure to have exactly what you are looking for.



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