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Planning an upcoming fishing trip and want to make sure you don't come home empty-handed? Or maybe you take your fishing seriously and want to make sure you have the best equipment? At Anaconda, we have a great range of fish finders and depth sounders that will ensure you'll always know where the fish are biting - and hiding!

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Fish finder and depth sounder FAQs

What are fish finders and depth sounders?

From pro fishermen to novice anglers, a handy depth sounder or fish finder can help turn the tide when the fish aren't biting. This important fishing equipment is essential for locating fish, as well as other useful information such as water depth, water temperature and detecting vegetation (ideal to avoid snagging). But before buying one and taking it for a spin on your next fishing trip, it's important to first understand how they work and how to read the information so you can get the most out of them.

How do fish finders and depth sounders work?

Without going into the complexities of Doppler sonar, fish finders and depth sounders use sonar technology for detecting fish and various other objects underwater. They have a transducer (sender and receiver) that sends sonar pulses into the water, and once the pulses encounter fish, they're transmitted back to the transducer. It passes this information into the main processor, which then interprets it into what you see when looking at the display screen. The more advanced the equipment, the more information it's able to show you.

How do you read a fish finder or depth sounder?

If you've never used a fish finder or depth sounder before, turning on the screen and seeing a bunch of random information might be a little overwhelming - but don't worry, here's what you need to know.

Colours and signal strength

Fish finder displays can come in black and white (greyscale) or colour, like our Garmin STRIKER Vivid 5cv Fishfinder. A coloured display is better for reading signals on the screen, as colours indicate how strong the echoes (signal strength) are when the pulses underwater bounce back. The darker the colour of an object on the screen, the harder and less porous its mass is. For example, a dark, thick line at the bottom of the screen indicates the bottom of the body of water you are fishing, such as a pond, river, lake or seabed if deep-sea fishing. This will also tell you the depth of water underneath your boat.

Reading detected fish

Depending on the type of device you have, detected fish will appear on the screen either as curved lines and arches or will be converted into fish icons to make it easier to read. When reading the curved lines, a larger arch indicates a larger fish and vice versa, but it takes time to distinguish what objects are plants and rocks. However, more advanced systems will be able to show icons for objects such as plants, rocks and schools of fish.

What other marine electronics can I find at Anaconda?

Once you've found the right fish finder or depth sounder for your next fishing trip, make sure you have everything you'll need with our huge range of fishing equipment and apparel.

  • Fishing hats: Our fishing hats will keep the sun off your face and neck so you don't return from your fishing trip looking redder than a tomato. We have broad brim hats, caps, bucket hats, plunger hats and much more.
  • Fishing gloves & solar tubes: Make sure you're fully protected when out in the boat under the hot sun all day with our range of fishing gloves and solar tubes. Our sun gloves are perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and cycling, and our solar tubes are breathable, windproof and made from comfortable, stretchable fabric.
  • Sublimated fishing polo shirts: Look like a true pro fisherman when out on the water with our range of sublimated polos. Their breathable fabric will keep you cool during hot weather, their material will keep you protected and comfortable, and their range of fun prints are perfect for every fish lover.
  • Vented fishing shirts: Our range of men's and women's vented fishing shirts feature well-known brands including Abu Garcia, Penn, Shimano and Jarvis Walker. With a stylish design, they are perfect for wearing on and off the boat.
  • Fishing waders: Have a passion for fly fishing? Make sure you stay dry and warm with our fishing waders. They are ideal waterproof clothing for when catching fish in chest-high water and staying warm when fishing in the chillier months.

Find the Right Fish Finders and Depth Sounders at Anaconda

Take your fishing to the next level with our range of advanced fish finders and depth sounders at Anaconda. Complete your fishing set up with our range of marine radios and marine stereos to ensure you have everything you'll need for the ultimate (and successful) fishing trip.

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