If safety is a boating priority for you, it’s worth investigating marine radios and VHF antennas. Check out the range at Anaconda online or in-store.

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Why do I need a marine radio and other communications devices?

VHF marine radios available at Anaconda are designed to help you if things go wrong on your voyage and you are in trouble. A marine radio is a two-way communication device that enables you to directly contact search and rescue services. The radio will also provide information about storm warnings and other urgent marine information.

A quality GME marine radio can give you up to 50kms of coverage. A trained operator will respond quickly to any emergency call, and can begin coordinating a rescue immediately.

What marine radios does Anaconda stock?

We have several great GME products that are ideal for all boaties who enjoy the open water. The GME GX700 VHF Marine Radio, for example, is a compact communication device with innovative features. This device boasts dual watch, triple watch, two programmable priority channels and programmable channel scanning. Features of this marine radio include:

  • 25/1 watt switchable power
  • Waterproof speaker mic
  • Compact design, overall depth only 75mm, flush mount depth only 46mm
  • Ingress protected to IPX7
  • Dual and triple watch with programmable priority channel
  • Two working channel memories
  • Rear microphone input socket for flexible installation
  • Multiple mounting options, backwards compatible with all GME radio installations
  • Cabin cover included

How do I know my marine radio is ready for an emergency?

Once set up correctly, your marine radio will be ready for any emergency. Here are a few simple steps to take.

1: Get a VHF waterproof radio that suits your style. A handheld, waterproof VHF radio can be carried with you or attached to your lifejacket so it is permanently on hand if needed. Mounted VHF radios usually have even greater range, although it may not be able to be accessed if your boat capsizes. For a safety-first approach, carry a portable and fixed marine radio onboard.

2: Undertake marine radio operator training. Knowing how to use your equipment is vital in the event of an emergency. Open water can be dangerous in heavy swells or when the weather turns nasty, so it is important to have confidence in your marine radio, along with your ability to use it properly.

3: Get a call sign for your boat. This will ensure your radio transmission is individually identifiable. Your call sign will be registered on a search and rescue database, allowing authorities to locate you fast in an emergency.

4: Check VHF radio coverage every time you head out on the water. It is worth noting that VHF isn't always reliable on inland waterways.

Should I carry other communications equipment also?

It is always a good idea to have more than one emergency communication device onboard. Check out high quality GME Emergency Position Radio Beacon (EPIRB) products at Anaconda for additional safety when plying waters far from the coast. We also stock impressive Pains Wessex Flare Kits that provide 30,000 candela light intensity.

Accessories available at Anaconda include swivel antenna bases and antenna whips. These compact units include various mounting options, splash-proof manufacture and long-lasting performance, even in difficult weather conditions.

Why choose Anaconda for marine communications?

At Anaconda, we offer highest quality marine and boating equipment and accessories for the lowest available price. We have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets, a superior online shopping experience, and more great products than anyone else. Get onboard with Anaconda today, and save money with every purchase.



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