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Yes, Anaconda stocks a range of headlamps for a variety of different purposes. Our Black Diamond headlamp range, for example, contains rechargeable headlamp options for all types of camping, trekking and outdoor adventures. Check out the Black Diamond Cosmo, Black Diamond Astro and Black Diamond Revolt headlamps for more inspiration. Here are some headlamp ideas for camping, hiking and everyday use.

  1. Camping- Camping in Australia can be dangerous at night without adequate illumination. Apart from dangerous snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlies, you will need to deal with unfamiliar surroundings. Mitigate the risks by using USB rechargeable headlamps or battery operated headlamps such as the Lenser h7r.2, featuring lightweight headlamp design, built-in headband and LED illumination up to 160 metres.
  2. Caving- Caving is exciting, mysterious and sometimes dangerous, and you won't get far without a headlamp. Quality headlamps from Anaconda boast superior battery life to ensure you get the most from your caving experience. The Black Diamond Storm and Black Diamond Spot headlamps are great examples, priced right and with features that include night vision, compact design, adjustable brightness and a comfortable headband.
  3. Working on a motorcycle or car- Headlamps are the hands-free method for illumination while working on a car, motorcycle or boat. A lightweight headlamp will shine a light directly where required for precision mechanical work or running repairs at any time of day or night. Coleman headlamps are a great introduction to lightweight headlamp versatility, at a price that won't break the bank.
  4. Home Repairs- Whether it is the leaky faucet, the plugged-up sink drain, the furnace that's making that strange noise in the basement, or the cable that needs to be run through the roof space, anything you do at home can always use more light to make the job easier. A hands-free, high-lumen LED headlamp from Black Diamond, Petzl or Tikkina will help you perform professional quality home repairs.
  5. Reading in Bed- With a battery operated ore USB rechargeable headlamp, you can read while curled up in your sleeping bag while your partner gets a good night's sleep. Make sure to check out Anaconda air beds and other comfy accessories to ensure optimal rest while camping or hiking. Lightweight headlamps using AAA batteries provide up to 60 hours illumination.
  6. Cycling or Trail Running- See where you are going even when riding in badly-lit areas with a headlamp attached to your helmet or headband. Mountaineers, orienteers, trekkers and cavers all appreciate ultralight and waterproof rechargeable headlamp advantages.
  7. Fishing- If you have a headlamp, you can see your way around and see how to bait a hook, so you can keep angling while the fish are biting. The Ledlenser Headlamp, with up to 60 hours run time, adjustable lumen brightness and the advanced focus system will help you increase your catch.
  8. Sailing- Rechargeable and AAA battery operated headlamps can be life-savers in less than ideal circumstances when you need to make emergency repairs. The weather and ocean can be unforgiving, making night vision headlamp-wear the safe approach for safer sailing at night and during the day.

While considering Anaconda headlamp options online or in-store, take the time to explore greater camping and outdoor products such as sleeping bags, cookware, hiking tents, swags, gazebos, first aid equipment, backpacks, water bottles, water storage and highly desirable trekking gear. Our online purchasing experience is easy and convenient. Simply make a wish list, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. At Anaconda, we provide delivery tracking, a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy, afterpay, PayPal payment options and our famous lowest available price guarantee.


You can find headlamps at Anaconda in a wide range of sizes and styles, all at budget-friendly prices. Specialised headlamps equipment at Anaconda includes the impressive Ledlenser SEO7R Rechargeable Headlamp. This LED headlamp can also run on AAA batteries for increased versatility and provides 220 lumen targeted brightness. It comes complete with a carabiner clip, washable headband, battery pack and charger.

Check out Anaconda lightweight headlamps for runners, headlamps with flashing lights for cyclists, head torch options for cavers, headlamps for trekking, swivelling headlamps and Nitecore headlamps specially designed for optimal lumen effectiveness while exploring the best of outdoor Australia.


Yes, with our great range of different animal and other novelty kid's design headlamps your kids will enjoy a safe and exciting adventure with some fun lighting for their next camping holiday or night-time sleepover. Choose, among others, from Panda, Duck, Monkey, or Ghost!



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