Where To Find The Best 4WD Road Trips From Melbourne

Where To Find The Best 4WD Road Trips From Melbourne

Driving is one of the many outdoor activities that invigorate us with a sense of freedom and exploration. Whether it is climbing steep terrain in your 4WD or simply enjoying the long stretches of the road while drinking in the gorgeous sights of the surrounding Australian landscape, road trips are the perfect excuse to get out and explore the great outdoors.

Since Victoria is packed with plenty of fun and exciting destinations at every turn, our outdoor experts at Anaconda have created a list of where you can find the best 4WD road trips from Melbourne so you can focus less on planning where to go and more on enjoying the destination - and the journey of getting there! So make sure your 4WD is packed with all the essentials and get ready to hit the road with these exciting road trip destinations in Melbourne.

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The Grampians

Stunning Wonders Of Grampians National Park

Just about a two and a half hour drive outside of Melbourne is where you will find our first destination in our search for the best 4WD road trips from Melbourne: the Grampians. There is plenty to see and do here, such as exploring the vast stretches of stunning wineries and vineyards that unfold into the distant horizon, discovering the stunning wonders of Grampians National Park, learning about the traditional owners at the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, exciting R44 helicopter tours or enjoying the majestic sunset from the top of Boroka Lookout. This 4WD road trip from Melbourne clocks in at 254km and will take around three days to fully explore, making it the perfect excuse for a fun weekend getaway!

Why you'll love The Grampians:

  • The perfect 4WD road trip from Melbourne for wine lovers
  • Packed with heaps of attractions to see and do
  • Ideal for a long weekend getaway with friends and family

Yarra Valley

Enjoy Beautiful Wineries & Sights At The Yarra Valley

Only one hour outside of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley 4WD road trip is littered with fantastic hidden treasures to discover as you roam through the stunning Yarra Valley. Totalling around 150km, it's another great excuse to pack the 4WD and embark on a three-day adventure! Travelling from Melbourne to Olinda, then Healesville and finishing in Marysville, you will discover a variety of sights and activities such as wineries, stunning botanical gardens, gushing waterfalls, high-class tearooms, boutique hotels, local art galleries, award-winning distilleries, popular restaurants and so much more!

Why you'll love Yarra Valley:

  • Just one hour outside of Melbourne
  • Lots of affordable accommodation along the way
  • Jam-packed with sights and destinations for the whole family


UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Gippsland

About three hours from Melbourne CBD and taking around four days to fully complete, Gippsland is another perfect destination when it comes to exciting 4WD road trips from Melbourne. Covering East, West, South and Central Gippsland, this 4WD road trip is also absolutely packed with fun and exciting destinations and iconic sights to see and do. How many you ask? Well, roughly over 100 wineries, 11 rail trails, 14 national parks and a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) world biosphere reserve - just to name a few. You will also be driving through varied terrain such as rolling plains, rugged mountains, deserted beaches, lush rainforests and even alpine regions.

Why you'll love Gippsland:

  • The only 4WD road trip from Melbourne with a UNESCO world biosphere reserve
  • A varied landscape with terrain that is begged to be explored in a 4WD
  • An incredible amount of destinations to visit that will keep you entertained

Regional Victoria

Explore The Great Austraian Outdoors Of Regional Victoria

Even though it is only 30 minutes away from Melbourne, the Regional Victoria road trip from Melbourne will take an entirety of ten days to complete, making it the perfect excuse for taking a week off of work and exploring the great Australian outdoors. Starting in Melbourne, you will drive through Bellarine Peninsula, Lorne, Cape Otway, Port Fairy, Halls Gap, Ballarat, Sovereign Hill, Hepburn Springs and then end up back at Melbourne. You will be spoilt for choice and you drive along the iconic regional Victoria, from dining on the travelling restaurant known as the Q Train and panning for gold at Sovereign Hill to zip lining through treetops at Lorne Livewire Park, visiting wineries at Ballarat, exploring the iconic 12 Apostles and so much more!

Why you'll love regional Victoria:

  • The longest 4WD road trip from Melbourne on our list, perfect for long getaways
  • Heaps of accommodation at every step of the way
  • An incredible list of sights, destinations and activities to see and do

The Mornington Peninsula

Surf & Fishing Spots At The Mornington Peninsula

Drive just one hour outside of Melbourne and you will find the next 4WD road trip from Melbourne on our list: the Morning Peninsula. Taking around five days to complete, you will start in Melbourne and drive through Arthurs Seat, Sorrento, the Mornington Peninsula, Merricks and finish up on Phillip Island. The Mornington Peninsula 4Wd road trip from Melbourne is a delightful journey that is filled with iconic sights and destinations such as incredible lookouts, lush gardens, delicious seafood restaurants, wineries, fishing spots, dairy farms, beaches, mineral baths and so much more. It's the perfect balance of adventure and creature comforts all rolled into one 4WD road trip from Melbourne.

Why you'll love the Mornington Peninsula:

  • Lots of fishing spots, so make sure you bring your fishing gear!
  • Heaps of seafood restaurants and cafes along the way
  • Plenty of surf spots for getting out of the car and enjoying the scenery

The High Country

Scenic Hiking Landscapes Of Victorian High Country

Starting just three hours outside of Melbourne and stretching out for eight days, the High Country is one of the best 4WD road trips from Melbourne you can enjoy. This epic 4WD adventure through Melbourne will take you through iconic places including Healesville, Black Spur Drive, Beechworth, Rutherglen and more. Across the eight days, you will experience a variety of scenic landscapes such as snowy slopes, picturesque mountains, vibrant-green fern trees and majestic wineries. When you want to stretch your legs, there are fine-dining restaurants, hotels, hiking trails, local farms, horseback tours, ski resorts and so much more to discover!

Why you'll love the High Country:

  • The perfect excuse to take a week off and explore the High Country
  • Accommodation ranging from affordable to luxury
  • Heaps of hiking trails for those willing to go off to the beaten path

Discover The Best 4WD Road Trips From Melbourne Today

These are just some of the many exciting 4WD road trips from Melbourne that are begging to be explored - and the only way to discover them is to go there yourself! Before you head out though, make sure you are fully stocked up on all your 4WD needs such as auto accessories & electrical, communication & navigation, 4WD mats and much more. Make sure you check out our Adventure Centre for more exciting 4WD destinations that you can visit with your friends and family. If you liked where to find the best 4WD road trips from Melbourne, then you might also like some of our other articles for awesome destinations in Melbourne and tips such as:

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