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For 40 years, Go Travel has grown to become the most widely known range of smart travel accessories in the world, with UK style and quality manufacturing a big reason for the enduring appeal. Travel is a big international business, and camping, hiking and trekking all play a major role in tourism. The Australian tourism industry is one of our nation's biggest earners, and Go Travel fills an important role by making products that go anywhere you do. Whether you are in transit, in the air, or have arrived at a far-away, exotic location, Go Travel can make the transition much more comfortable and convenient. Go Travel is the reliable adaptor specialist, with plug-in electricity adaptors connecting devices from around the world with appropriate socket configurations. Compact, lightweight and safe to use, a travel adaptor may be essential for your travel plans, so check out the Go Travel range available from Anaconda.

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With convenience comes comfort and Go Travel doesn't skimp on luxury. A Go Travel Memory Dreamer Foam Pillow is just what you need for comfortable resting while on a flight or on another form of transport. The Memory Dreamer pillow is a Go Travel breakthrough, designed with high-density memory foam. This supportive foam moulds to your neck contours and ergonomically tapers at the rear to provide the ideal resting position for sleeping while seated. The smart, fully adjustable front closure cradles your head and neck securely to protect you against sudden and unexpected movements. With Go Travel, small improvements really can make a big difference to the overall travel experience. A quality sleep mask/shade will also provide huge assistance for getting a night of good sleep while on the move.

Go Travel has options that are genuinely made-to-measure for fitting snugly and blocking out unwanted light. Contoured, breathable, and classily stitched to aid comfort, the Go Travel Sleep Mask is a real winner with travellers. Go Travel has lots of good ideas, including the Go Travel Sentry Lock for keeping your valuables safe. Only the highest quality metals such as brass, steel and zinc alloy are used to make Go Travel sentry locks, allowing you to keep a lid on your precious items. Go Travel combination locks and padlocks will ensure your belongings are safe at all times so you can enjoy your travel experience without unwanted stress.

Go Travel FAQs

Do travel pillows actually work?

In short: yes, travel pillows do actually work and they can make a world of difference when travelling. Comfort is incredibly important, especially when bunched up on a plane, bus or train for long periods of time. Having a trusty travel pillow will ensure you can always fall asleep in comfort.

What is the difference between a travel converter & an adapter?

The main difference between a travel converter and an adapter is electricity. An adapter is simply there to ensure that your electronics can actually fit into the outlet of where you are. A travel adaptor (converter) will change the voltage in the outlet to match your electronics.

Do you need to put luggage labels on suitcases?

Do aren't under any authority to put a luggage label on your belongings - but why take the risk? Adding a luggage label to your suitcase and other personal items will ensure that if they do go missing, the airline will know who the bag belongs to.

Are sleep eye masks worth it?

Much like travel pillows, sleep eye masks will make a huge difference that will improve your quality of sleep. This is a big win when travelling for long periods of time in confined places like a plane, where light coming in from all directions can become incredibly distracting.

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Anaconda partners with world-leading outdoor and travel specialists, making Go Travel products a win-win situation for Australians and visitors to our shores. When well-known brand names and Australia's leading camping, hiking and outdoor specialist get together anything is possible, and the customers are the big winners. Take advantage of Anaconda online and in-store deals. We offer the lowest price guarantee on all products, fast checkout, delivery tracking and a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy. With reach Australia-wide and a team of industry experts on our side, Anaconda is ready to assist with all your travel and outdoor needs.

Shop our entire Go Travel range online or visit us in-store today, as well as our entire range of travel accessories, security locks and cameras. And for exciting camping, fishing and hiking destinations across Australia, check out our Adventure Centre.



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