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Can I purchase cameras at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Anaconda stocks a range of cameras with active people in mind, by market leaders GoPro and Kaiser Baas. These cameras are more than just a convenient way to capture some holiday they are designed to give great results even when capturing action moments and have different features that make them ideal for use on the move, in the air, on mountains and even under water.

What should I look for when getting a camera?

Sport and action photography requires a different set of camera capabilities than the average camera has to offer. Shooting action requires a different set of capabilities than shooting a selfie, or taking a picture of your garden, camera or friends enjoying a drink. Sport and action cameras need to be fast, something that is expressed in burst speeds or fps. You will also need a good zoom capability from your camera, and make sure you look for a camera that will perform well in low light conditions. Of course, if you are intending to use your camera underwater, you will need to pay attention to the depth it can be used at, and whether the waterproof housing is included.

What else is included in the range?

As well as different types of camera, Anaconda also stocks handy accessories that will let you make the most of your camera no matter what your activity. You may want to mount your camera on the deck of a boat, fix it to the handlebars of your bike, or even strap it to your head or helmet to keep both hands free. These options are all addressed in the camera range here at Anaconda.

Is there anything else I need to keep in mind?

If you want to share your photos, film or video, it is worth checking that your chosen camera is compatible with other devices that you have, for ease of sharing and connecting, as well for keeping all your recordings safe either on a memory card or in the Cloud. Detailed product information can be found alongside each product, and for more information, the manufacturer's website will be able to help.

Replacement parts for some of the cameras, as well as additional parts and even a selfie stick, are also included in the camera range at Anaconda.



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