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Wearing the right socks for your planned outdoor activity can affect not only your comfort, but also your safety and performance! Make sure your feet are up to the job with the correct socks for your chosen sport or activity, with Anaconda's range of socks for cycling, running, skiing and many other outdoor activities.

Whether you want to keep your feet warm or cool, are looking for breathable socks or socks that do not absorb moisture, or need compression socks or cushioned socks, Anaconda has the right socks for men, women and kids for all kinds of outdoor activities.

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Can I buy socks at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda, we have a wide range of socks available for men, women and children. Whether you are cycling, working out, or skiing, we have the perfect socks for keeping your feet warm and comfortable. Shop now for socks from the biggest brands, all available now at Anaconda’s bargain prices.

How do I buy socks from Anaconda?

Browse our collection of socks online, and follow the instructions right through to checkout for delivery right to your door. See here for more information regarding delivery. Alternatively, call into one of our thirty-five nationwide stores where our team of dedicated assistants will be happy to help.

Why should I wear socks?

Wearing socks has a number of benefits, and many athletes and adventurers would consider socks to be essential. Your feet have around 250, 000 sweat glands and socks can play a significant role in reducing odour and maintaining foot hygiene. They also protect your feet from the risk of being exposed to fungal diseases such as athlete’s foot. Socks provide a barrier for your feet, protecting them from the ground, and providing a layer of insulation to keep them toasty.

Which type of socks should I buy from Anaconda?

Well, that is up to you really and what you will be doing whilst wearing them. We have a wide range of socks here at Anaconda, including those that have been purposely designed for whatever sport or activity you intend on doing. You must also consider the terrain and weather conditions, opt for a thicker material for warmth in the winter or a more breathable, lighter fabric for jogging in the sun. We also have a range of colours, styles and designs, so that you can show off your personality with our spectacular socks. Check out our handy guide below for the types of socks that we have available.

Hiking socks: our range of hiking socks are made using moisture-wicking fibres and will provide great insulation for your toes in colder weather. Hiking socks are an important tool in keeping your feet warm, dry and blister free when out on the trail.

Ski socks: Ski socks help to maintain high performance and comfort when you are skiing. Look for wool or synthetic fibres that will provide warmth as well as breathability. We recommend that you always carry an extra pair of ski socks, just in case your pair get cold and wet.

Cycling socks: Cycling can be tough on your feet, and much debate has been given to optimum sock choice and design. For lightweight breathable cycling socks, that will help to keep you warm and comfortable, shop our assortment of cycling socks today.

Running socks: Whether you are planning a quick jog around the carpark or training for the next big race, our premium quality ruining socks by world leading brands will help to prevent blisters and chaffing when on the run. We also have a selection of compression running socks available specifically designed to improve circulation and aid muscle recovery.

Gym and everyday wear: Here at Anaconda, we also have an assortment of socks ideal for both hitting the gym and for everyday wear.

How do I choose the right size for socks?

All of our socks are sized in line with Australian and New Zealand sizing standards, check the sizing guide by each product for more specific measurements. Children’s feet, in particular, can grow at an incredible rate and we recommend that you measure the wearer's feet prior to purchase to ensure that the correct size has been chosen. Ill-fitting footwear will not only negatively impact upon your performance, it can also cause a number of different ailments in later life.

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