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Discover The Incredible Range Of Adult Sleeping Bags At Anaconda

Our range of adult sleeping bags is perfect for camping because they are designed to provide comfort, insulation and protection from the elements during outdoor overnight stays. Adult sleeping bags are typically larger and longer, providing more comfy space and allowing for more freedom of movement. Our range of adult sleeping bags is also designed with various temperature ratings, ensuring that you will stay warm in different weather conditions, whether you are a cold sleeper or a hot sleeper. They are also versatile and suitable for a wide range of camping environments, from mild summer nights to colder winter trips.

With a range of lightweight sleeping bags from well-known brands in the camping industry such as Mountain Designs, Denali and BlackWolf, the range of adult sleeping bags at Anaconda is made from high-quality materials including RipStop polyester, cotton and more. Make sure you are sleeping comfortably and warm on your next outdoor adventure by exploring the entire range of adult sleeping bags at Anaconda online or in-store today.

Adult Sleeping Bags FAQs

How to fold a sleeping bag?

You can easily fold a sleeping bag by following these simple steps:

  • Lay your sleeping bag down on a dry and flat surface.
  • Zip up the sleeping bag and push out all the air pockets.
  • Now fold it in half lengthwise.
  • Then simply begin rolling it upwards from the feet as tightly as you can.

How to wash a sleeping bag?

To wash your sleeping bag, start by unzipping it completely, which will ensure it won't get snagged on anything in the washing machine. Then wash it according to the manufacturer's instructions (read our How To Wash A Sleeping Bag Guide for detailed instructions). Remember to air dry but don't leave it out in the sun for too long as the UV can damage the material.

What is the best sleeping bag for 0°C degrees?

The best type of adult sleeping bag for 0°C degrees is simply one that is rated for that cold of a temperature, known as a comfort rating. These types of sleeping bags are made from much warmer material and can come with hooded designs to maximise heat retention and insulation throughout the night while sleeping.

What is the point of an adult double sleeping bag?

There are two main reasons for sleeping in an adult double sleeping bag. The first reason is that they provide more room and space if you are sleeping solo. The second main reason is that sleeping in a double sleeping bag with two people increases the amount of heat inside, making it perfect for camping in winter.

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