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An ice box is known by many different names, such as an ice cooler box, ice chest, ice chest cooler, camping ice boxes, chilly bin (if you're from New Zealand) and esky, yet they all refer to an ice box - so what exactly is it? First patented as a portable ice chest back in 1951, an ice box (as it's now commonly referred to) is basically an insulated box that is designed to keep things cold, like a portable fridge as the earlier name indicates. At Anaconda you can find quality ice boxes that will be the perfect accompaniment for your outdoor adventures. Ice boxes come in a range of sizes so you can have the space for food and drinks for the whole crew. Anaconda is your one-stop shop for a huge range of coolers from hard coolers to soft cooler bags.

Features of Ice Boxes

Ice boxes have many features that make them useful and beneficial including:

  • Secure loop lid latches to keep the cold in
  • Lid seals to prevent cold seepage
  • Spacious interior
  • Durable composition to withstand rigorous 4WD and camping
  • Superior quality insulation
  • Many large sizes available

Ice Box FAQs

How does an ice box work?

An ice box is the master of thermodynamics, being specifically designed to drastically resist the two main forms of heat energy loss: convection (heat energy transferred through the air) and conduction (heat energy transferred from one object to another). Because an ice cooler box is made with an incredible amount of insulation, it can keep the air inside at a constant cold temperature, making convection much harder to take place - and because convection takes much longer, all the objects stay cold, meaning that the process of conduction will take longer as well.

How to use an ice box?

Using an ice box can be a daunting task at first, and even a little scary. But fear not because using an ice box is rather easy! To use an ice box, first start by creating a layer of ice blocks on the bottom of the ice chest. Now create a new layer of everything that needs to stay cold such as raw meat, cans of drink etc. Then pour a layer of ice cubes over all the items, making sure everything is completely covered. The key is to try and leave as little space as possible (remember, we don't want convection to take place).

How long does ice last in an icebox?

Ice in an ice chest cooler can last anywhere from 12 hours (in a very badly packed ice box by someone who didn't read the intro to this page) all the way up to 7 days (by someone who did). Even though a camping ice box is designed to withstand convection and conduction as best it can, there are other factors that can aid/prevent this. The location of your ice box is important. Placing an ice box directly in sunlight means that heat is going to enter the system much quicker than if it is kept covered in a cool place.

Is it an ice box or esky?

Regardless if you are living in Australia or New Zealand, you would have probably referred to an ice box as an esky and an esky as an ice box. So, what is the big difference between the two? Well, as it turns out, there is no difference at all. Both are the same exact thing - except an esky is an actual brand of icebox by a company called Willow and an ice box is an ice box.

Do you need to put ice in an ice box?

Nope, you can do whatever you want, it's your ice box. Some people use ice whereas others prefer to use ice bricks or gel packs. Which one is better? A combination of both. Have a bottom layer of ice bricks, place your items over it and then cover it with ice until full, that'll keep it colder for a lot longer.

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