A reliable camping knife is essential for camping, hiking, trekking & mountaineering in the wilderness. Shop camping knives for your next outdoor adventure.

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There is nothing worse than a dull knife that just won't do its job. Whether you are fishing, camping or hiking, you need a reliable knife that can do the job. With a fantastic range of knives including pocket knives, folding knives, bolo machetes, fixed blade knives, military knives, survival knives, utility knives, cleavers, serrated knives and many more, Anaconda has all your cutting, slashing and chopping needs covered when exploring the great outdoors.

Featuring some of the leading names in the camping knife industry such as Gerber and Muela, our premium range of camping knives are made from durable and sturdy materials such as stainless steel and high carbon steel. Our range of camping knives are perfect for tasks such as cutting rope, food preparation, filleting fish, making kindling and other general campsite tasks. Shop our entire range of camp knives online or in-store at Anaconda today!

Camping Knives FAQs

How to sharpen a camping knife?

The easiest way to sharpen a camping knife is by using a whetstone. Begin by first soaking the whetstone in water for roughly 10 minutes. Then place it down on top of a cloth on a flat surface. Holding the blade away from you, begin sliding the knife along the whetstone at a 20-degree angle. Repeat until sharp.

Should you sharpen a pocket knife?

Even though a pocket knife will hold its edge for many years, it really depends on how often you are using your pocket knife and what you are using it for. If you use your pocket knife a lot, then it will need sharpening at some point. Basically, once you feel dullness on the knife's edge, it's time to sharpen it.

Are folding knives good for camping?

Yes, folding knives are great for camping. Not only are folding pocket knives great for camping, but they are also great for scouting, hunting, fishing and hiking as well. Apart from folding down and being easy to carry and store, folding knives are also great for tasks such as whittling down tent stakes, cutting rope and even opening up packages.

How thick should a camping knife be?

Typically, a camping knife should have a blade that is roughly around 3/16 - 1/4 of an inch in thickness. Again, it depends on what you will be needing your camping knife for, but this level of thickness will be very solid and able to easily withstand the impact of prying, batoning and wood chopping.

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Check out our incredible range of camping knives including pocket knives, folding pocket knives and much more, and make sure that you have the best gear for your next outdoor adventure! At Anaconda, we offer gift cards, Club deals, payment options and new arrivals that you won't be able to resist. Browse our entire camping range including knives & tools, camping equipment, multi-tools, shovels & trowels, axes & hatchets and more, and check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as our Knives & Tool Buying Guide and The Ultimate Checklist For Hiking Essentials. Anaconda strives to inspire, equip & enable Australians with the best value and broadest range of outdoor adventure and sporting products! Shop online or in-store at Anaconda today.



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