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Do you love a little ambient lighting when you go camping? Do you need an extra light so you can read in your tent at night? Explore the Anaconda range of camp lighting and never sit in the dark again!

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Camp Lighting Buyers Guide

We have created this guide to give some help to those considering purchasing some adventure lighting products at Anaconda. The first question you need to ask yourself is what the lighting will be used for exactly. Why for example would you buy a lantern instead of a headlamp or torch? Most lights are designed for specific purposes. For example if you are going on a hiking adventure you would not want to carry a heavy lantern but would probably prefer a light lantern or headlamp for your lighting needs.

Headlamp or Lantern?

When it comes to more active pursuits like hiking and mountain bike riding at night headlamps are the best option as they are hands free and allow you to focus on your chosen activity. Lanterns, on the other hand are more conducive to camping and adventuring pursuits that involve numerous people. Lanterns provide 360 degree light allowing many people to utilise the same source of light.

Bright Enough?

At Anaconda we feel that the brightness but also the light quality are of equal importance. A light is only as good as the light it gives off but at the same time you do not want a blinding uncomfortable source of light.

Brightness is measured in lumens which is a unit that describes the total amount of light being emitted by a light source in a specific direction. A device measures the light energy and determines the total light output. Whilst lumens is a good indicator of brightness keep in mind that optics and design form a big part of the full picture. Certainly testing the light before you buy it can be a helpful option.

As a rough guide small groups of 2-3 will need up to a maximum of 100 lumens where larger groups may require a lumen count greater than 100.

User Friendly?

Sometime the need for light can be urgent which is why we recommend lighting devices that are simple and quick to switch on. Furthermore we recommend lights that have features such as hooks making it easy to hang overhead inside your tent and can stand on their own base on uneven rugged ground without needing to be propped up etc.

Before any camping or hiking trip be sure to familiarise yourself with your lights and other devices to ensure you know exactly how to use them.


The camping and hiking lights we sell at Anaconda are durable and long lasting. This is important as we want our lights to last as long as possible and be able to handle the harshest conditions. But even at Anaconda not all light are made equal so be sure to match the durability of the light with the level of the activity being undertaken. For example some need a light that is extremely waterproof with a long lasting battery, adventuring down river in a kayak with zero access to a power source, whilst others would only require a light that is water resistant and can brighten a campsite between charges.



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