11 Great Camp Lighting Solutions For Your Next Adventure

11 Great Camp Lighting Solutions For Your Next Adventure

Whether you're camping with the family or going solo in the great outdoors, no one enjoys rummaging around in the dark at night. To make sure that you're not relying on the brief flickers of the nearby campfire, we've broken down our top 11 picks for the best camp lighting solutions for your next outdoor adventure:


Camping Lanterns


Lander Boulder 350 Lumen Rechargeable Lantern

First on our list is the Lander Boulder 350 Lumen Lantern. This wireless rechargeable lantern is a long-lasting and ultra-bright smart light source, perfect for lighting up your campsite. Not only does it have an impressive 300 hour run time, but it also features a range of settings and modes - which can be controlled with your smartphone via a downloadable app. With its smart proximity lighting function, you'll never be searching in the dark again.


Dorcy 200 Lumen Rechargeable Lantern with Powerbank

The Dorcy 200 Lumen Rechargeable Lantern stands out with a design that is a modern take of traditional lanterns. Made for the modern camper, this powerful lantern is highly durable as well as water and impact-resistant, making it perfect for hiking and camping. Apart from having a power bank that lets you easily charge your electronic devices on the go, it also has a three hour run time on the highest setting with three light modes to choose from.


Energizer 360 Area Lantern

Looking for a great handheld option? Then the Energizer 360 Area Lantern is what you need. It's perfect for lighting up tents and indoor rooms, and with up to 500 lumen brightness, it's also great for ensuring you've got plenty of light outside as well. Its water resistance means you won't have to worry if it starts raining, and a whopping 650 hours of runtime means you won't have to be changing the batteries every couple of hours.


Anaconda Retro 370 Lumen Hemp Rope Recharge Lantern

Featuring a unique and classic design, the Anaconda 370 Lumen Lantern has a thick hemp rope handle and a runtime of up to 75 hours. This great rechargeable lantern also has a rotary switch that allows you to dim the lighting to your liking, as well as adjustable CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature). It takes AA batteries or a lithium battery that you can easily recharge using a USB cable.


Camping Headlamps


Energizer Rechargeable 400 Lumen Headlamp

Rechargeable via a USB cable and packing an impressive 400 lumens, the Energizer Rechargeable 400 Lumen Headlamp is a great hands-free option when needing to see in the dark. Whether you are camping, hiking, fishing or going for a run in low-light settings, it'll make sure you'll always have enough light. Apart from having seven different light modes, it also has a dimming feature that is perfect for when transitioning into tents and using indoors.


Lander Kiva 150 Lumen Black Rechargeable Headlamp

Designed to be the ultimate adventure-proof companion, no matter what weather has in store for you, the Lander Kiva 150 Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp is dust, snow and rain-proof. This durable low-profile headlamp is the perfect balance between convenience and function, featuring a rechargeable battery, up to 40 hours of battery time and a head strap made from moisture-wicking fleece and jersey knit, ensuring sweat won't get in your eyes during long hikes when it's hot.


Dorcy 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Focus Headlamp

Boasting a 1000 lumen bulb, the Dorcy 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Focus Headlamp is a seriously powerful hands-free camp lighting solution. Designed with a strong and durable aluminium casing, it's water-resistant and features an impressive beam distance of up to 144 metres, perfect for lighting the track during night and early morning hikes. With three different light modes and a rechargeable 3.7mAh Li-ion battery, this is the perfect headlamp when you need a reliable hands-free light source.


Camping Torches


Energizer Tactical 700 Lumen Torch

If you prefer a handheld camp lighting solution, then the Energizer Tactical 700 Lumen Torch is a serious contender. This high-performance camping torch is water-resistant and its body is made from aircraft-grade alloy metal, providing impressive impact resistance - easily withstanding a drop from up to one metre high. It features four different light modes which includes an emergency strobe, and can emit a seriously bright 700 lumens of light on the highest light mode.


Dorcy 4000 Lumen Rechargeable Torch

As the most powerful camp lighting option on this list, the Dorcy 4000 Lumen Rechargeable Torch is designed for serious campers. This rechargeable flashlight is the gold standard when it comes to camping torches, easily casting a 170 metre beam with its powerful 4000 lumen bulb. It comes with two long-lasting 26650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, and has an anodized aluminium casing that is water-resistant, compact and durable.


Dorcy 2200 Lumen Rechargeable Torch with Powerbank

If you don't require an intense beam but still want something high-powered, then the next step down is the Dorcy 2200 Lumen Rechargeable Torch. It has a built-in power bank to recharge your phones and other electrical devices, a three hour runtime, spot and floodlight modes, and is impact and water-resistant. It's a great handheld option for any camping enthusiast.


Energizer Dolphin Compact Lantern Torch

It wouldn't be a camp lighting guide without the classic Energizer Dolphin Torch. Ideal for both camping and night fishing, the Energizer Dolphin Compact Lantern Torch is water-proof, can withstand any weather conditions and features a unique floating design that makes it easy to recover when dropped in water. As the mini version of the iconic Dolphin lantern, it features 150 lumens of brightness and a non-slip handle to ensure a secure grip every time, this is a great lighting option for all camping, boating and hiking situations.


There you have it - our top 11 picks for the ultimate camp lighting solutions that will make sure you'll always have enough lighting on your next camping trip. If you need any more help choosing the perfect camp light, check out our complete guide to choosing the best lights for camping.




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