Alan Podmore Dare to Dream


We all have a dream of a place we wish we could be. For some it's a tropical paradise basking in the sun. Maybe it's chasing waterfalls and feeling the spray hitting your face. Others see themselves climbing to the peak of a mountain, kayaking down a river or canyon or simply enjoying the solitude and peace of the Australian bushland.

My name is Alan Podmore and just over a year ago I decided to put down my mobile, stop admiring other people's adventures on Instagram and get out there and follow my own. The task seemed daunting at first, like the picture above it was a shaky staircase filled with doubt and I couldn't see where the stairs would lead me. I took a deep breath, set some plans in motion and trusted my instincts knowing that my passion for adventure would always keep me happy and safe. I am an average Joe looking for everyday adventures in Australia's National parks.

So off I went to the store, bought myself a pair of hiking shoes, a day pack, some hiking clothes and a GPS navigation device and I was ready for my first adventure.

"As you can see from the pictures one year later I can say I have been on many adventures and captured my own photos and videos. I set up a Facebook page to help other average Joe's like me called Sydney Wild Swimming Adventures and I also have an Instagram page. I invite you to follow my page and let me help you to climb that staircase to begin your own adventures and create amazing experiences as well as Instagram and Facebook photos for others to look and dream.



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