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Campers and hikers are spoilt for choice in Australia. Our huge island nation includes huge national parks, countless white sand beaches, and the endless outback. From the tropical rainforests to the alpine high country, Australia is a country for explorers and adventurers, and Anaconda has some of the best camping equipment an campsite accessories available anywhere on the planet. If you are setting up home in a camping ground with camp kitchen and camping chairs or hiking in the back country with only a hiking tent and sleeping bag, Anaconda has the full range of camping equipment to satisfy your taste and style.

Location: The location of your camping experience should determine the camping tent, sleeping bag and camping equipment needs. Fire restrictions often apply, so make sure you have permission for a campfire or BBQ beforehand. If you are camping in a remote area, or are planning on being away for an extended period, you will need first aid kits, spare parts, food storage containers, and don't forget sun protection and insect protection. Shop with Anaconda online or in-store and get everything you need for your next camping trip under one roof.

Camp cooking and dining: Campers and trekkers expend lots of energy and have plenty of time to contemplate meal times. Contrary to popular belief, a camping experience can include quality campsite cooking. It's as easy as setting up the gazebo, unfolding the portable kitchen bench and basin, firing up the BBQ or portable stove, and working your camp kitchen magic. The extensive range of camping and outdoor equipment at Anaconda includes camp dining tables, camping chairs, sharpeners, Dometic coolers and camp cookware, tableware and cutlery.

Sleeping gear: Without a good night's sleep, a camping and hiking experience can become a disaster. It doesn't have to be that way, as Anaconda showcases highest quality sleeping bags and inflatable air beds for every type of camper, from premium brands such as Back Country and Sea to Summit. From light sleeping bags and swags to fully insulated down sleeping bags and apparel, you can always be comfortable and warm with Anaconda.

Accessories: Every camper has their own campsite style, and Anaconda is here to assist. Our tents, gazebos and awnings are second-to-none, and our extensive waterproof apparel range will have you protected from head to toe. Our fishing gear accessories range has to be seen to be believed, and we have everything you could possibly need for your next camping trip, so explore our amazing options online or in-store, and get ready for the best camping experience ever.



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