What To Wear Paddle Boarding

What To Wear Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is an extremely popular watersport in Australia and throughout the world. Ever since the 1940s when John Ah Choy in Waikiki decided to stand on his surfboard and use a canoe paddle to catch waves, people couldn't get enough of the concept of standing on a board and using a paddle to propel themselves through a large body of water. Although, there are records of earlier forms of stand-up paddle boarding that date back to 3,000 BC, so it just goes to show how popular SUP is.

But apart from the history, what do you wear when paddle boarding? Do you simply head down after work in your uniform or is there some sort of special clothing designed for the water? Spoiler alert: there is and it's called swimwear. But can you wear the same swimwear in different seasons? How do you protect yourself from the sun? And what do you wear on your feet? With so many questions needing to be answered, our expert SUP team at Anaconda has created this helpful guide that will detail exactly what to wear paddle boarding through the year plus all the essentials you'll need.

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What To Wear When Paddle Boarding For Women

When it comes to what to wear when stand up paddle boarding for women, a bikini is perfectly fine during warmer weather and in colder weather a swimsuit or wetsuit is perfect. If you want to wear some different layers, then start with a swimsuit underneath and then you can wear a shirt over the top with some shorts. Then finish with proper sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and a dry bag to make sure you always have room to carry your gear around.

What To Wear Stand Up Paddle Boarding For Men

When it comes to what to wear when stand up paddle boarding for men, you'll want to choose a pair of boardies that is comfortable and allows for a wide range of movement. You'll also want to pair that with a moisture-wicking, lightweight rashie that provides protection from the sun and prevents chafing, then finish with some sun protection like strong sunscreen, a hat and some sunnies. Remember that clothing should be comfortable, quick-drying, and suitable for various weather conditions. Always prioritise safety and protection from the elements when selecting your attire for stand up paddle boarding.

To Wear Paddle Boarding For Kids

When it comes to what to wear when stand up paddle boarding for kids, it's crucial for kids to wear the appropriate gear to ensure their safety and comfort. A properly fitting kid's life jacket is a must, especially for children as it's crucial for safety and peace of mind. Wearing a long-sleeved rash guard will protect their skin from harmful UV rays and a pair of comfortable, quick-drying kid's board shorts is perfect for ease of movement and comfortability. Then finish with appropriate sun protection and sunglasses.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding In The Different Seasons

What to wear when paddle boarding in the different seasons

Can you wear your same stand-up paddle-boarding outfit when the weather turns? Is a rash shirt still ok for SUPing in winter or is it not just going to make the cut? To provide you with the answer, here is our breakdown on what to wear when stand up paddle boarding during the different seasons.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding In Winter

When the cold and sometimes bitter winds start blowing through, you know you've entered winter. As winter is known for its cooler temperatures and water is known for being cold, you've probably guessed that you're going to need warmer swimwear when stand up paddle boarding, so here's a list of what you'll need to consider:

  • Wetsuit: A wetsuit is ideal for enjoying watersports like SUP during cooler weather because they are made from neoprene, which traps a thin layer of water between you and the neoprene, keeping you warm.
  • Gloves: If you think it's going to be really cold, then a pair of gloves made from neoprene is going to be a good investment for keeping your hands warm while you're out on the water.
  • Sun Protection: Just because it feels like the sun has gone away, doesn't mean it has, which is why it's crucial to bring along a hat and sunscreen to keep you protected from the UV rays.
  • Long-Sleeve Rashie: A long-sleeve rashie will not only protect you from the sun but also the cold as well.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding In Spring

So now the icy winds of winter have started to subside and the sun has come out - spring is here. So what does that mean for your SUP wardrobe?

  • Sun Protection: As we said before, you should not be outside in the harsh Australian sun without the right sun protection such as sunscreen and a hat.
  • Gloves: As it will be starting to warm up, neoprene gloves aren't as important but they will give you a better grip.
  • Long-Sleeve Rashie: As it will still be chilly, a long-sleeve rashie is still essential.
  • Wetsuit: It might be a little bit warmer but a wetsuit is still an essential piece of the SUP wardrobe.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding In Summer

Now the heat has reached its peak - summer has set in and the temperatures are scorching. When heading down to the water to SUP in summer, here's what you should be wearing:

  • Swimsuit: A swimsuit is perfect for stand up paddle boarding in summer because it will protect you from the UV rays while also being lightweight enough to not restrict your movement.
  • Board Shorts: Boardies are a great move for both men and women because they are nice and cool for summer but also will keep you comfortable.
  • Sun Protection: Because it's summer, sun protection is now more important than ever, so always make sure you are wearing a hat and bring along some strong sunscreen.
  • Bikini: A bikini is going to be the most comfortable and cooler option for women when stand up paddle boarding in summer.

What To Wear Paddle Boarding In Autumn

And lastly, Autumn has arrived. As Autumn and Spring are going to be extremely similar in terms of what to wear stand up paddle boarding, you can just refer to that section for all the essentials you need. The most important thing to remember is to wear comfortable swimwear that fits well, won't leave you feeling too cool or too hot and will protect you from the harsh Aussie UV rays.

Do You Wear Shoes When Paddle Boarding?

It is completely up to you if you want to wear shoes when stand up paddle boarding. However, if you do choose to put on a pair of shoes when heading out on your paddle board, then a pair of water shoes is what you will want to be wearing. Not only are they obviously waterproof but they are specially designed to give your feet a good grip when standing on your SUP board, which is great for both safety and enjoyment.

What Are The Essential Items When Paddle Boarding?

What Are The Essential Items When Paddle Boarding?

Now that we have covered all of the items that you should wear when stand up paddle boarding throughout the different seasons, here's a helpful list of all the important essential items and accessories that you will need when paddle boarding throughout the year.

  • Paddle: If you want to propel yourself through the water, you're going to need a high-quality paddle.
  • Paddle Board: You can't really call it stand up paddle boarding without the paddle board - otherwise it's just swimming with a paddle.
  • Leash: If you fall off of your SUP, a leash is going to make sure it never drifts away from you.
  • Rashie: A rashie is the perfect all-rounder for stand up paddle boarding.
  • Sunscreen: No matter the season, always make sure you have appropriate sunscreen.
  • Boardies: Perfect for both women and men, a pair of boardies will keep you comfy and provide ease of movement in the water.
  • Wetsuit: When the colder months set in, a wetsuit will keep you warm and allow for better movement.
  • Water shoes: Unless you prefer to SUP barefoot, water shoes will provide you with an excellent amount of grip.
  • Sunglasses: Make sure the glare doesn't ruin your fun by always wearing a pair of sunglasses when out on the water.
  • Hat: When stand up paddle boarding in Australia, a protective hat is an absolute essential.
  • Life Jacket: Depending on the conditions you are stand up paddle boarding in, a life jacket can be a real life saver.
  • Water Bottle: Stand up paddle boarding is thirsty work, so make sure you always have fresh water to rehydrate in your day pack.
  • Insect Protection: Depending on the type of water you are SUPing on, insect protection will make your life a lot easier.
  • Beach Trolley: A beach trolley is a great way to carry your SUP around if you are moving to multiple locations.
  • Day Packs: Day packs are a convenient way to carry around all of your essential items when stand up paddle boarding.

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