Discover The Best Spots For SUP In Perth

Discover The Best Spots For SUP In Perth

From the first moment your paddle dips into the water to the final click of the strap as you secure your kayak onto the roof rack, stand up paddle boarding, also referred to as 'SUP', is an exhilarating and inspiring experience. Depending on your style, stand up paddle boarding in Perth can be a relaxing time slowly drifting down the stream, an adrenaline-fuelled joy ride or an intense exercise workout.

But no matter your preference for how you like to enjoy your time when out on the water, SUP in Perth will tick all your boxes - and with so many exciting and inspirational places to paddle through, it is of no surprise Perth is the home of SUP. So without any further ado, here is a list of where you will discover the best places for SUP in Perth.

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Freshwater Bay

Freshwater Bay

Our first destination for the best places for SUP in Perth can be found in Freshwater Bay. This is an extremely popular spot for SUP for beginners because the water conditions are perfect for inexperienced paddlers to get their bearings and learn how to get a hold of the board. You will have an exhilarating experience paddling past the iconic view of the cliffs of Peppermint Grove - and even have pods of dolphins swimming around you! There are also plenty of SUP schools around if you need some extra practice. With a stunning backdrop of green hills and dramatic cliff peaks combined with calm freshwater, Freshwater Bay is the perfect spot for beginners to SUP in Perth.

Why you'll love Freshwater Bay:

  • The perfect spot for SUP in Perth for beginners
  • The chance to SUP with dolphins
  • Calm and relaxing freshwater to spend a relaxing time

Bicton Baths

Bicton Baths

Head north-east along the sandbar at Point Walter and you will find our next top spot for Perth SUP: Bicton Baths. This is another great spot for SUP in Perth because it is perfect for both beginners and experienced paddlers. This is because it offers plenty of low wind conditions with a slight breeze, so the waters are always calm - but because it is also very narrow and shared with boats and large vessels, it requires a lot of skill to safely navigate through. You will enjoy paddling past incredible sights such as the striking overhanging cliffs of Blackwall Reach while a gentle breeze rustles through your hair. If you are new to SUP, then make sure to stay near the shore and you won't have any issues here.

Why you'll love Bicton Baths:

  • Perfect SUP spot for both beginners and experienced paddlers
  • Incredible sights of the iconic Blackwall Reach cliffs
  • Plenty of SUP schools nearby for beginners

Lake Leschenaultia

The two major attractions that bring in plenty of tourists and paddlers to Lake Leschenaultia are paddling and picnicking. The calm and gentle waters are the perfect training ground for those who are new to stand up paddle boarding in Perth - or those who are simply looking to gently paddle down the stream and relax for the day. Lake Leschenaultia is perfect for families, with pristine white-sand beaches, an endless horizon of green pine trees and plenty of picnic areas for families to enjoy lunch. However, if you do fancy yourself a challenge, then consider doing a circuit of the entire lake for a great workout!

Why you'll love Lake Leschenaultia:

  • The perfect SUP spot to spend the entire day with a family
  • Ideal SUP spot in Perth for beginners
  • Lots of picnic areas for families

Swan River

Swan River

Highly regarded for its calm waters, Swan River is yet another iconic spot for stand up paddle boarding in Perth. An enjoyable spot for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers, you can start your SUP journey at Garrat Road Ridge Park and then slowly head your way downstream. There are plenty of inspirational views to discover, such as gentle waves lapping onto the shorelines, the Perth CBD conquering the skyline in the distance and Swans swimming around the shore (and even dolphins if you are lucky). If you want more of a challenge, simply head out more into the middle of the river to test your SUP skills!

Why you'll love Swan River:

  • An awesome SUP spot that has plenty of calm waters to paddle on
  • Has some of the best views of Perth CBD
  • Perfect SUP spot for beginners and experienced paddlers

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

When you think of SUP in Perth, you absolutely cannot skip a trip to the most iconic destination in Perth: Rottnest Island. Located just west of Perth, Rottnest Island is situated in the Indian Ocean and offers more than 20 bays to explore! You will absolutely love stand up paddle boarding along fantastic sites such as fantastic shipwrecks scattered around in the distance, plenty of wonderful marine life and majestic coral reefs. And because Rottnest Island is so massive and has so many bays to SUP from, it feels like having a private island all to yourself! When it comes to the best spots for SUP in Perth, you can absolutely not miss out on going to Rottnest Island.

Why you'll love Rottnest Island:

  • An entire paradise island all to yourself
  • Over 20 locations to stand up paddle board
  • Plenty of marine life, coral reefs and shipwrecks to explore

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

If you are looking for a good mix of stand up paddle boarding and places to explore on foot, then Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is your golden destination. Highly considered to be the most diverse waters in all of Perth, Shoalwater Islands Marine Park features the opportunity to stand up paddle board alongside marine life such as sea lions and seals while penguins wave to you from the shoreline and majestic pelicans glide overhead into the stunning blue horizon. There is also plenty to see of foot, such as 1km of incredible limestone terrain and heaps of cafes and restaurants.

Why you'll love Shoalwater Islands Marine Park:

  • Heaps to explore on the water and on foot
  • The best chance to stand up paddle board alongside marine life
  • Lots of restaurants and cafes nearby

Discover Where To Find The Best SUP In Perth Today

These are just some of the many exciting spots for stand up paddle boarding in Perth that are begging to be explored - and the only way to discover them is to go there yourself! Before you head out though, make sure you are fully stocked up on all your SUP needs such as paddle boards, paddles, swimwear and much more. Make sure you check out our Adventure Centre for more exciting hiking destinations that you can visit with your friends and family. If you liked where to find the best spots for SUP in Perth, then you might also like some of our other articles for awesome destinations in Perth and tips such as:

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