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Boaties, sailors and kayakers all vouch for Yak adventure equipment that focuses on highest levels of safety. Australia is a water lovers paradise, and Yak adventure equipment buoyancy aids provide ultimate safety while on the water.

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Selecting the best life jacket for sporting or boating activities can be a challenge. There are a wide variety of protective life jackets for all types of water sports, with some of the best (and safest) on offer at Anaconda. Every type of boatie or kayaker should wear a floatation vest or buoyancy aid.

It's worth checking out buoyancy jackets with all-round in-water performance. These are a great option for people who enjoy a range of water-based sports and activities such as wakeboarding, kite surfing, sailing and boating. These jackets use lightweight foam sewn into the garment for flotation, making them puncture-proof and strong. Yak Adventure Equipment Buoyancy Aids allow the arms to remain unrestricted for effective and safe paddling or sailing.

There are a lot of sporting activities where participants are expected to wear appropriate safety gear. A Quality buoyancy jacket is an all-round performer. Here are just a few situations where your Yak Adventure Equipment Buoyancy Aid will be the perfect fit.


If you enjoy sailing and power boating, a Yak Buoyancy Aid provides full flexibility for moving around the vessel. These belted vests are adjusted for a comfortable fit that doesn't compromise flotation.

Water sports

Yak Adventure Equipment jackets are great for wakeboarders, water skiers, and anyone else who enjoys high speed adventures on the water. These buoyancy jackets are built to withstand impact and remain snugly attached to your body.


There are a lot of advantages for anglers wearing Yak Adventure Equipment. Choose a buoyancy aid jacket with additional zippered pockets for storing essential small tools and equipment. The fit can be adjusted so it is snug and secure, without hindering movements.

Paddle sports

Kayakers, canoeists and whitewater paddlers require freedom of movement, plus protection and flotation. When the boat tips, a kayaker needs apparel he or she can be confident in. Yak Adventure Equipment is purpose designed for wild water action, with form fitting snug flotation sewn in, allowing the wearer to move freely and float safely.

A buoyancy aid is a flotation aid rather than a life-saving device, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for a life jacket. Buoyancy aids typically have front and back jacket buoyancy compartments, allowing the arms and shoulders to remain unimpeded for serious kayakers and paddlers.

The best buoyancy aids include several straps for comfortable and safe wearing. Yak buoyancy aids don't get swept off in fast flowing water. The belt and shoulder straps work together to secure the jacket harness-style, and if you do find yourself in the drink, you will be above the surface and able to choose your next move in no time. Yak Adventure Equipment available at Anaconda includes:

Yak Xipe 60N PFD Buoyancy Aid: Although made with lightweight nylon and EPE foam, this high-cut and slimline buoyancy aid is extremely effective. It is a favourite with kayakers and boaters of all types, with features that include adjustable shoulder straps, concealed belt, radio pocket, hydration pocket and reflective detailing for visibility in low light conditions.

Yak High Back Buoyancy Aid: Safe water sports should be the goal, particularly when high speeds and daredevil feats are the order of the day. This Yak High Back Buoyancy Aid uses sculpted lightweight foam for advanced comfort, with body hugging adjustments and amazing strength providing impressive buoyancy when you need it.

Anaconda and Yak Adventure Equipment are working together for the benefit of all outdoor Australians. The Anaconda water sports and equipment collection is unbeatable, including the prices. At Anaconda, we form partnerships with world leading brands, and pass the savings on to you.



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