Willow is one of our top house wear manufacturing companies here at Anaconda, and we have a vast collection of willow products aimed at ensuring that your next camping trip is a success. From alpine jugs to keep you hydrated, to furl jugs for that added security, Willow has the product for you. Check out their reliable cooler systems and ice packs and bricks, designed to keep your food cool and fresh in the Australian sun.

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Willow has retained tradition while continually evolving with the latest science and manufacturing processes. Their expertise extends to highest quality blow moulding, injection moulding and expandable foam technologies. Willow is a trusted market leader of insulated coolers that take outdoor gatherings to a whole other level.

Willow products are designed to enhance the lives of everyday Australians with affordable and effective food and drink storage solutions. The commitment to research and development continues, with Willow coolers winning many design awards and remaining firm favourites with outdoor Australians.

Anaconda establishes relationships with leading Australian and international manufacturers who take pride in their work. We have the widest range of camping, hiking and outdoor equipment available, all from brand name manufacturers with a reputation for quality.

Any function, party or outdoor activity is improved with the addition of a Willow Cooler. It is a rite of passage for Australians to kick back with friends and enjoy cool drinks and fresh food by the water. Boaties appreciate watertight Willow solutions, and these coolers can hold enough for an entire family picnic.

Willow 33L Wheelie Cooler: If you are journeying to your picnic or camping destination by car, it makes good sense to bring along a 33L Wheelie Cooler stocked with your favourite provisions. This large cooler is spacious enough to be your camp refrigerator, and includes sturdy wheels and a fold-out handle for easy manoeuvring. The hinged lid fits 2 medium ice bricks and includes cup holders so you never lose track of your drink.

Willow 10L Cooler: This is the convenient carrying size cooler. It will transport a 6-pack and snags, or an entire lunch and drinks for a couples picnic. With a Willow 10L Cooler, all the preparation is done before you hit the road, and all you need to do is arrive safely at your destination and enjoy the serenity. The Willow 10L Cooler is safe in the Australian sun due to incredible insulation properties that can't be matched.

Willow 5L Alpine Jug: Variable Australian weather conditions call for hydration systems, along with containers for holding hot or cold drinks. The Willow 5L Alpine Jug is an insulated cold drinks dispenser for outdoor workers, sports people and others who need to quench their thirst in a hurry. A cold drink provides genuine health and vitality and is essential for cooling and hydration. Willow 5L Alpine Jugs have been trusted for decades.

The advanced Willow moulding techniques and procedures result in products that are almost unbreakable. Seamless manufacture and materials that withstand harsh conditions are essential for all Willow products, including large Willow fuel cannisters that can be safely transported in a regular vehicle.

Willow 20L Fuel Can (red or yellow): Every outback adventurer and 4WD enthusiast understands the value of a reliable fuel can. From complete novices to experienced explorers, everyone appreciates a durable Willow 20L Fuel Can that can travel safely with you wherever you go. These fuel cans are approved for filling and storage of petrol and kerosene, and include an anti-glug nozzle for ease of pouring.

It's worth exploring related products from the Anaconda range, such as a Jerry Can Holder for locking your fuel can in place, and a Jerry Can Pourer to ensure you avoid dangerous spills. Willow continues to be a market leader, with products specifically designed for safe and durable storage. Willow remains the all-in-one food storage solution for short-term camping trips, daytrips, picnics and all types of social occasions. With a little advance planning, you can even have your Willow Ice Bricks, Ice Blankets or Freeza Packs frozen and ready for keeping your cooler goodies chilled and fresh all weekend.



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