Steripen your water today and get hydrated without the risk of contamination. Perfect for anyone who likes to get out and about in the great outdoors. Steripen filters and sterilisation equipment will remove harmful bacteria from a natural source of water, making sure that you always have access to this vital element, wherever you are. Stock up on Steripen today and be prepared for your next trip.

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Water is vital and Australia can be an unforgiving country. Make sure you have drinking water sorted prior to heading off on any bushwalk or trek. It's also worth remembering that water quality and availability changes according to seasonal influences and other effects, making a water purification system a must-have. The Steripen system will remove and negate any nasties in water so it is safe to drink.

The Steripen goal is to manufacture clean water products that nourish the thirst for adventure. Clean drinking water can be obtained almost anywhere with the Steripen sustainable water treatment system. The Steripen Classic With Water Pre Filter is capable of treating viruses and bacteria associated with serious ailments, and is classified by the EPA as a water purifier.

If lightweight and portable hiking and camping solutions are your aim, the Steripen Classic is worth serious consideration. Steripen UV products work by emanating light that reacts with microbe DNA present in water. The effect makes microbes safe for human consumption, allowing you to continue the trek without fear of water-borne illness.

Steripen Classic is a best-selling portable UV purifier and is safe and easy to use. Although small and portable, it is packed full of features including indicator LEDs, water sensor pins, UV lamp and cover, activation button and battery terminal. The battery compartment is compact and designed to be water resistant, but shouldn't be submerged. Keep the battery end of the Steripen out of the water.

Steripen is fast acting, taking only around a minute to purify a litre of water. The unit can be used more than a hundred times before quality lithium or rechargeable batteries require replacing. Steripen is an award winning product for all the right reasons. Health and safety are taken seriously by outdoor and outback tour operators and adventure experts. Technology is on our side in new and exciting ways, including Steripen water purification that simplifies science for everyday use.

Water is purified in a minute with Steripen. Simply remove the lamp cover, press the activation button and submerge the sensor pins in water. The lamp will illuminate while purifying water and automatically turn off when the treatment is complete. It really is that simple. Steripen is most effective in clear water, but when clear water is in short supply, or in an emergency, your Steripen can also treat turbid, murky or cloudy water.

For faster results purifying less clear water, use a Steripen Fits All Water Filter prior to treating water with the Steripen water treatment system.

Steripen Classic With Water Pre Filter: The Steripen Classic has been the bestselling portable UV purifier for decades. Hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed safe and healthy adventures using the amazing ultraviolet technology that purifies water and destroys more than 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts. This all-in-one treatment system is everything you require for treating water while on outdoor adventures. The Steripen Classic With Water Pre Filter includes a convenient carry pouch for safe transportation. Weighing only 82g, and coming with a 3-year warranty, the Steripen is a hiking secret worth sharing.

The addition of the 40x40 micro-screen water bottle pre-filter will complete your water purifying needs. This pre-filter fits snugly on most water bottles, facilitating clear water flow and maximum particle removal. Science and technology can be used to improve natural resources, including Steripen products that transform suspect water into safe and precious drinking water.

Anaconda partners with world leaders in outdoor innovation, and Steripen is a natural fit. Check out the vast Anaconda range of camping, hiking and outdoor equipment before your next adventure, and transform the experience into a whole other level of comfort and safety.



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