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Snorkelling is great fun, easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence in the water. It is accessible to young or old and is an enjoyable way to get the whole family involved, as well as being an introduction to diving and a chance to observe marine wildlife.

At Anaconda, choose from a huge range of snorkelling equipment including snorkels, dive masks, snorkel sets, and fins for men, women and kids, or get a complete dive set with everything included for hours of underwater fun on the beach, in rock pools or shallow streams.

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  • Seak Adult's SN50 Snorkel

    Seak Adult's SN50 Snorkel

    This new and improved Seak snorkel will ensure you breath air and not sea water!...

    Reg: $15.00

  • Seak Short Dive Fin

    Seak Short Dive Fin

    Travelling? Body Boarding? Swimming? The Seak Short Dive fin is what your looking for. Even with it's compact size, this fin still gives plenty of power and performance. Not only is this a great snorkeling fin, due to it's size it is also a great swim fin and body boarding fin....

    Reg: $30.00

  • Seak Blunt Tip Dive Knife

    Seak Blunt Tip Dive Knife

    A blunt tip dive knife has a flat blade tip, which is handy for digging or prying....

    Reg: $10.00

  • Seak Supreme Dive Knife

    Seak Supreme Dive Knife

    Size 12 supreme dive knife from Seak! A great accessory for every fisherman.

    Reg: $10.00

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Can I purchase snorkelling gear at Anaconda?

Yes, here in our beach and surf range, you can find a large selection of all the things you might need when going snorkelling. We stock snorkelling gear for both adults and children, in a range of colours, brands, sizes and price points to suit beginners as well as dedicated snorkelers of all ages. Snorkelling is suitable for anyone and is a great way to teach yourself or others about marine life, as well as for inexperienced swimmers to build up confidence in and around the water. Rockpools, shallow streams and shallow beaches are all great for snorkelling even if you are a beginner.

What do I need to go snorkelling?

Snorkelling is basically swimming face down through the water while wearing a diving mask, a breathing tube called a snorkel, and (usually) swim fins. It is important to buy equipment that is the right size, to avoid water coming in along the sides of the mask, and to make sure the fins do not come loose during swimming. At Anaconda, we stock different sizes for various age groups. In colder climates, or when the temperature of the water is low, some people prefer to wear a wetsuit while snorkelling. You can find wetsuits in the Swim and Surfwear range of clothing here at Anaconda.

Snorkelling safety tips

Although snorkelling is relatively easy to learn, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

The greatest danger to snorkelers are inshore and leisure craft such as jet skis, speed boats and even surfboards. A snorkeller is often submerged in the water with only the tube visible above the surface, and hard to spot.

When snorkelling, your back, ankles, back legs can be exposed to the sun for extended periods and can burn badly (even if slightly submerged), without being noticed in time. Wearing rash vests and shorts, a T-shirt or a high factor waterproof sun cream van be advisable.

Snorkelling can lead to dehydration or even hyperventilating, especially when practised for several hours. Snorkelling with another person who can keep an eye on you is recommended.

When snorkelling on or near coral reefs, take care to avoid contact with the delicate (and sometimes sharp or stinging) coral and any possible poisonous inhabitants. Coral scrapes and cuts often require first aid treatment and potentially, emergency medical treatment to avoid infection.

Does Anaconda sell other types of water sports equipment too?

Yes, here at Anaconda you will find many different types of water sports equipment, essentials, accessories, clothing, footwear and more. For everything from a fun afternoon on the beach to gear for people who are dedicated to their sports. Check out the whole range of beach and surf products at Anaconda today.

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