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Transform your journey into an unforgettable adventure with the pinnacle of car rooftop solutions with our Rola range at Anaconda. Crafted with precision engineering and rugged durability, our range of Rola roof platforms, Rola cases, Rola awning brackets, Rola Titan trays and Rola roof rack accessories redefines versatility and functionality. Elevate your vehicle's potential with our cutting-edge Rola roof platforms, providing ample space for gear, luggage and equipment while maintaining aerodynamic efficiency. Engineered for seamless integration and maximum strength, Rola roof platforms ensure your belongings are securely stowed for any expedition. Pair your roof platform with Rola awning brackets, designed to effortlessly mount awnings for shelter and shade wherever your travels take you.

Whether it's a scorching desert or a rainy campsite, our Rola awning brackets guarantee a hassle-free setup for your outdoor adventure. For the ultimate in cargo management, trust Rola Titan trays to deliver unparalleled performance. Engineered from high-quality materials and backed by rigorous testing, these trays offer unmatched strength and versatility to accommodate a wide range of cargo, from bikes to kayaks to camping gear. Enhance your rooftop setup with our extensive selection of roof rack accessories, meticulously designed to complement your lifestyle and enhance your outdoor experience. From tie-down straps to cargo nets and Rola cases, our Rola roof rack accessories ensure your gear stays secure and accessible throughout your journey. Shop our entire Rola range at Anaconda in-store or online today.

Rola FAQs

Are Rola roof racks universal?

Yes, Rola roof racks are designed with universality in mind. Their modular design and adjustable components ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks and vans. With customisable features and versatile mounting options, Rola roof racks provide a solution for virtually any vehicle, making them an ideal choice for adventurers seeking flexibility and convenience.

How do I know what roof rack will fit my car?

To determine the right roof rack for your car, start by checking your vehicle's specifications, including make, model and year. Then, consult the manufacturer's guidelines or use an online compatibility tool provided by the roof rack manufacturer. Alternatively, visit a trusted automotive retailer or contact customer support for assistance in selecting the appropriate roof rack that fits your vehicle's dimensions and mounting points.

What is the load rating of the Rola Titan tray?

The Rola Titan tray boasts an impressive load rating, providing peace of mind for your cargo-carrying needs. With a robust construction and rigorous testing, it offers a high load rating, typically ranging from 150kg to 200kg, depending on the specific model and size. This ensures that your gear, equipment and adventure essentials are securely supported during your travels, no matter the terrain or conditions.

How do you install a Rola roof platform?

To install a Rola roof platform, first ensure your vehicle has existing roof rails or mounting points. Then, position the platform onto the roof and align it according to the vehicle's dimensions. Secure the platform by attaching it to the roof rails or mounting points using the provided hardware and tools. Finally, double-check the platform's alignment and tighten all bolts securely for a safe and stable installation.

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