Primus gas burners and cookers are legendary in Australia, and there is much more to discover with this prestigious brand. Check out the great Anaconda range of unbreakable Primus camp cookware and crockery before your next outdoor adventure.

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Primus products are known for reliability, safety and innovation. Primus burners and cookware will transform your camping experience and allow you to bring culinary inspiration along for the ride. Primus stoves accompanied Amundsen to the South Pole and Hillary to the top of Mount Everest, and today's adventurers are following in their footsteps with Primus.

The commitment to guarantee highest standards of quality features with every new Primus innovation. Every step, from initial design through to production is tested in-house and in the wild, ensuring every product is fit-for-purpose. Every single stove is fired up before leaving the factory floor, so your Primus stove can be a reliable life-long companion.

Although Primus stoves are the headline act, it is the range of quality camping accessories that truly seal the deal. With Primus, every stage of camp cooking is optimised, from food preparation through to fine dining. Here is just a taste of things to come with Primus products available at Anaconda.

Primus Camp Crockery: Forget throwaway paper plates and breakable china. Primus introduces a range of environmentally friendly crockery made out of bamboo. Products include dinner plates, side plates, generous sized bowls and coffee cups. Primus crockery has the look and feel of ceramic dinnerware, without the danger of breaking. They are non-toxic, lightweight, reusable and suitable for hot and cold foodstuffs and beverages.

Primus Stove Stand: There is no need to crouch awkwardly while undertaking campsite cooking duties. Stand tall while showcasing your culinary skills by using a purpose-built Primus Stove Stand. This innovative piece of equipment weighs only 1.5kg and folds away when not in use. The zinc-plated metal frame is incredibly sturdy, suitable for accommodating 2 & 3 burner gas stoves for speedy meal preparation wherever you are.

Burner fittings and attachments: Primus is known worldwide as a premium manufacturer of gas fittings that customers trust. The extensive range available at Anaconda includes BBQ regulator valves, dual adaptors, right-angle adaptors and hoses of various sizes to match your equipment.

You can transform your camping trip into a glamping experience with a Primus 12V High Volume Camp Shower that is perfect for outdoor use. This premium product is compact and neatly stowed in its own case. The shower head has three different settings for adjusting water flow. Features of this unit include a silicone hose, flow shut-off, a 5m power cord, 2m hose length and 6L per minute average water flow.

Primus camp cooking innovations have also moved with the times. In addition to great 2 and 3 burner stove options, Primus also offers an impressive thermal cooker made from high-quality stainless steel. This innovative product doesn't require any power source. Holding up to 7L of foodstuffs, cooking is performed using an insulated outer pot and a compressed copper/steel base, resulting in amazing heating capability. The meal cooks gently, with flavours slowly released for succulent fine dining anywhere in outdoor Australia. Additional features include visible temperature display, a glass lid designed for heat retention, low carbon sustainability and an insulated outer wall.

Anaconda partners with world leading brands, making Primus the right fit for Anaconda customers. In addition, Anaconda offers a fast checkout, delivery tracking and our famous lowest price guarantee. Check out the full range of Primus products available at Anaconda online or in-store for more inspiration.



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