The extensive Anaconda fishing collection for Australian anglers includes world famous Mojiko products. From fishing chairs to outdoor glow sticks and personal flotation devices, Mojiko is a brand you can trust.

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There are certain items that will transform any fishing experience into a comfortable and successful outing. Along with a suitable rod and reel, you will also require accessories such as a quality fishing knife and fishing stool, with Mojiko performance in demand. Australia is a huge continent, with some of the best fishing available on the planet, making a visit to Anaconda a rite of passage for enthusiastic anglers.

Whether you enjoy fishing during the day or at night, Anaconda has you covered with innovations that include a clip-on glow stick for added illumination. Small improvements to your fishing armoury can dramatically improve performance, a scenario that Mojiko understands and Anaconda supports.

Fishing knives have multiple functions. Fish are delicate, requiring a purpose-designed knife for filleting, and your fishing knife should have several useful blades. A fishing knife will help you de-bone and prepare fish without wastage, and will also cut through tangled fishing line and rope with ease. A Mojiko 4-inch fishing knife is the standby solution worth having onboard for times when a sharp blade is essential.

While a Mojiko fishing knife is an anglers best friend, it also provides great backup for the remainder of your camping and outdoor experience. If you are hunting and fishing, this knife is ideal for trimming fat off small game and game birds where a delicate approach is required. It is also useful for preparing fruits and vegetables, along with any other task requiring a reliable knife around the kitchen or campsite. Available in a wide range of colours and forged from stainless steel, a Mojiko fishing knife should be one of the first items you pack.

Reeling fish in is the culmination your efforts, but waiting out your quarry is a major part of the battle. Rather than shifting uncomfortably amongst the ants, creepy crawlies, rocks and spiky foliage, why not invest in a comfortable chair instead. The Mojiko Fishing Stool is tailor made for the job, weighing only 2.4kg and holding up to 100kg comfortably. The stainless steel frame and strong nylon fabric is weather resistant and will dry fast, allowing you to kick back in comfort while other anglers get impatient.

This chair includes a folding backrest for added comfort, a shoulder strap for convenient portability, and an easy foldaway design for space saving storage between fishing trips. At Mojiko, even the simplest equipment is created with multifunctional versatility in mind.

Many anglers enjoy fishing at dawn, dusk and nigh time when visibility is low. After all, these are the times when many varieties of fish are on the move and searching for food. You can improve the experience with superior visibility courtesy of a Clip On Glow Stick specially designed for fishing. This glow stick conveniently clips on to a fishing rod, providing the localised illumination required for guiding your catch into the net.

The glow stick fits rod tips from 3.8mm - 4.3mm, making it a versatile piece of angling equipment. Your glow stick will also come in handy around the camp site and can also serve as emergency lighting whenever required. Weighing only 330g and providing impressive illumination, a Mojiko Glow Stick is another lightweight accessory worth serious consideration.

The Anaconda range of fishing gear is enormous. We stock high-quality gear from the world's leading fishing tackle and apparel manufacturers. Whether you are looking for superior rods, reels, lures, hooks, sinkers, tackle boxes, or even a fishing kayak, Anaconda has the answers, all at prices regular Australians can afford.

In addition, we offer online or in-store purchasing options. We provide fast checkout, delivery tracking, a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy and our famous lowest price guarantee. At Anaconda, we love the outdoors and it is our goal to share the best Australia has to offer. Whether you are an experienced angler or a newbie wanting to make a good start, you will find exactly what you need at Anaconda.



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