Leatherman multi-tools are top of the range products designed for long-lasting, superior performance. Anaconda partners with Leatherman to bring you the best range of stainless-steel multi-tools on the market.

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Why choose Leatherman?

Tim Leatherman, a native of Oregon, USA, had a drive to create the most versatile multi-tool possible. His untiring efforts resulted in a stainless steel supertool of highest quality that can provide a lifetime of use. Leatherman remains an Oregon success story, with all Leatherman multi-tools manufactured in Portland. Anaconda is proud to partner with major brand names with a dedication to quality and performance, and Leatherman fits the bill. Impressive multi-tools include the Leatherman Wingman, Leatherman Sidekick, Leatherman Skeletool and Leatherman Wave Plus, to name just a few great products. A high quality Leatherman multi-tool is a must-have for camping, hiking and trekking in Australia, where lightweight portability and heavy-duty performance are both prioritised.

How to select the right Leatherman multi-tool?

Everyone is an individual with their own style, and the Leatherman multi-tool you choose should suit your personality. Your unique approach to outdoor and indoor living will dictate the supertool attachments you most often use, and there are a lot of great Leatherman products to choose from.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Around the home: If you are a dedicated homemaker with a desire to fix leaky taps, squeaky floorboards and ill-fitting doors, the Leatherman Wave is highly recommended.
  • The Survivalist: If you want every possible tool at your fingertips, and a little bulkiness is no problem, check out the Leatherman Signal.
  • The Handy Helper: If you require a Leatherman tool that is sleek, streamlined and totally effective, the Leatherman Skeletool could be for you.
  • The Ultralight trekker: When every ounce of weight is factored in for long distance hiking and trekking, the Leatherman Style multi-tool will keep you moving.

There is no better multipurpose tool than Leatherman, with additional options that include the Leatherman Micra, Leatherman Rebar, Leatherman Surge and Leatherman Charge. If you require a heavy-duty stainless steel multi-tool that can fix almost anything, look no further than Leatherman.

What are some attachments on a Leather multi-purpose tool?

Leatherman heavy duty multi-tools contain a huge array of devices including pliers, screwdrivers, pocket knife, bottle opener, wire cutters, fire starter, bit driver, pliers, hammer, saw and a whole lot more. These tools are ideal for maintenance, repairs and even first aid, making them an important component of your outdoor equipment. Stainless steel Leatherman products can be personalised with a nylon sheath, leather sheath or molle sheath, and can be conveniently carried in a holster or attached to apparel using a pocket clip or carabiner.

Additional Leatherman multi-tool options include:

The Leatherman PST, Leatherman OHT and Leatherman Free P2. Leatherman products are a favourite with Anaconda customers, with our extensive range available online and in-store.



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