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Appreciating the great outdoors is easier with Kookaburra accessories on your side. Experienced campers understand there is a lot more to consider than just a tent and sleeping bag, and that's where Kookaburra comes into the picture. The range of innovations and user-friendly camp accessories is what makes Kookaburra special, transforming an ordinary trip into a comfortable glamping experience.

The Kookaburra range of outdoor equipment and tools are purpose-designed and constructed for Australian conditions, where smart solutions are required. Kookaburra continues to impress by creating camping equipment that other manufacturers haven't even thought of yet. Anaconda offers special Kookaburra gear that will transform the way you enjoy your outdoor adventure.

Here are just a few of the Great Kookaburra camping accessories available, all with a lowest price guarantee, courtesy of Anaconda.

Eye Grommet Kit: When the wind picks up, tents can become frayed and damaged. If your camping equipment requires running repairs, you will be glad you brought along an eye grommet kit. The innovative cutting tool, insert punch and setting die puts you back in control. The 3-piece kit with strong support base, also includes 20 eyelets so you can repair your tent and have it pegged down securely in no time.

Multi-Function Axe: No camper should ever leave home without an axe and hammer. This Kookaburra product is both, with a double-sided axe and hammer head. Forged from cast iron, with rubber handle, the multi-function axe also incorporates a nail remover and pry bar for completing a wide range of campsite tasks.

3 in 1 Can Opener: Camp cooking is fun, but the experience will be ruined without adaptable solutions. The Kookaburra 3 in 1 Can Opener is a must-have while you are away from civilisation, incorporating a can opener, bottle opener and spoon all in one. You won't go hungry in the wild with Kookaburra on your side.

Tent Peg Remover & Mallet Set: Hammering pegs into tough ground is difficult work without an appropriate mallet. Removing the pegs from the ground can be even more difficult. The solutions experts at Kookaburra resolve the problem with their tent peg remover & mallet set. The durable rubber mallet won't damage camping gear, while the tent peg remover with rubber handle makes retrieving your pegs a breeze.

Aluminium Mess Kit: Weighing only 300g, this lightweight mess kit is right at home in the car or in your backpack. Keep all your cookware and utensils in one tidy parcel for compact storage. This kit contains important camping essentials: fry pan, saucepan, saucepan lid, deep plate and plastic mug. Camp cooking never tasted so good.

Tablecloth Clamps: There are simple ways to turn your camping trip into a glamping experience. This set of 6 clamps is designed to hold your tablecloth in place even in blustery conditions. Made from stainless steel and weighing only 68g, these smart tablecloth clamps will transform eating into fine dining, wherever you are in the great outdoors.

Check out more Kookaburra gear and other great camping and outdoor ideas from Anaconda. We have Australia's widest range of outdoor equipment and apparel choices for men, women and kids, allowing you to shop with confidence. Explore online or at your nearest Anaconda store for all your camping needs.



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