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Sandals & Thongs

Sandals & Thongs

Feel relaxed and comfortable with our fine selection of sandals and thongs.

Anaconda's range of sandals and thongs includes womens, mens and kids styles and sizes.

We've got it covered for the entire family.

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Which Sandals Are Right for You? Find Out at Anaconda Today!

Sandals may be fun and comfortable footwear, everyone has their own pair of sandals that looks remarkably on them. To avoid wearing the wrong sandals, be sure to read through our guide, which provides you with loads of helpful tips and tricks for sandal season.

What Sandals Fit My Feet Type?

If you were to compare your feet to someone else’s, you will always notice they are quite unique; this is the nature of being human. Still, your feet can fall into a main category, which tells you a little more about the types of sandals you should and should not be wearing.

For some people, wearing sandals is a matter of comfort. For example, if you have quite broad feet, it is not a good idea to pick sandals with the straps. Not only can they cause some serious abrasions after a long day of walking, the sandals themselves can appear bulgier.

If you are a little shorter, it is best to stay way from sandals with ankle straps. Ankle straps can make your legs appear even shorter, so these types of sandals should only be worn by people with longer legs. Still, there are some options for short legs too; this may include flip flops and other sandals that have an elongating effect on the legs.

What Are the Popular Types of Sandals Today?

There are dozens of sandal types out there, which can make your choice a little harder as a consumer. To help you on your sandal journey, we have created an overview with the most popular sandal types below, so you can buy your sandals with confidence.

Wedge Sandals

One popular type of sandals these days are wedge sandals. As you can guess, these sandals are made for women, with a wedge in the back instead of a heel.

Wedge sandals are popular throughout the year, since they are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Of course, it does depend somewhat on the overall design of the sandal.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are probably the best-known sandals. You see these types of sandals often on the beach. They are characterised by a small toe holder in the front and a small strap in the back. Of course, the small strap in the back can also be in the front, depending on the type of flip flops you obtain.

Most people will acquire flip flops for the beach or acquire them to lounge around in the house. Therefore, the most important quality for flip flops is undoubtedly comfort.

Flatbed Sandals

Another type of sandal that is extremely popular is the flatbed sandal. If you have experienced the 90s, you are undoubtedly familiar with these sandals already, since flatbed sandals were a big trend then.

Flatbed sandals are making a comeback this year, so if you are a fan of these comfortable sandals, be sure to acquire a pair! Flatbed sandals come in all kinds of designs and are characterised by a strap around the ankle and in the front.

Sling Back Sandals

As the name already indicated, this type of sandal is characterised with a sling across the heel. There are many variations on this sandal available nowadays, so you can find options with or without a heel. They are also one of the most popular sandal types in India due to their high comfort level.

How Do I Maintain Sandals?

The maintenance of sandals is variable, since it does depend on the material your sandals are made of. Waterproof sandals are the easiest to clean, while leather sandals require some extra maintenance.

When you have a pair of waterproof sandals, simply use some water and soap to get them clean. Then, put them in a nice spot to air dry. Be careful though, do not put them in full sunlight for too long; this can cause the colour of your sandals to fade.

If you have a pair of leather sandals, it is a bad idea to use a lot of water. Instead, use a damp cloth, or a cloth with some leather shoe cleaner, and clean your sandals at least once a month. You can also use an old toothbrush to remove some of the dust and grime from your sandals when required.

What Sandals Can I Obtain from Anaconda?

Anaconda has a beautiful selection of sandals; this ranges from flip flops to sling back sandals and flatbed sandals. Of course, our range has many other sandal types on offer, so be sure to check out our latest collection to find your perfect match.

Do you have a question about the sandals on offer at Anaconda? Get in touch with our team via email or telephone for some additional information on our sandal collection!

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