Men's Cycling Shoes

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Can I purchase mens cycling shoes at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda has your cycling footwear needs covered with their specialist cycling shoes in this section. With different levels of shoes for beginners and experts, as well as cycling booties, toe warmers and cycling socks (available in footwear accessories), you can find everything you need for your next cycling adventure here at Anaconda.

Why buy specialist cycling shoes?

Of course, you can cycle wearing just about any type of footwear, and many people do on bike journeys into town, to school, to work, for leisure, and so on. But if you want to cycle longer distances it will soon become clear that having dedicated cycling shoes are needed to make sure you can cycle in comfort and get the best possible performance in respect of speed and/or distance.

Many cycling shoes are designed to fit certain styles of pedals and are referred to as clip in or clipless shoes. The idea of getting your feet stuck to the pedals of the bike can seem frightening at first and it is definitely recommended to practice releasing the clip if you don't want to get into trouble when having to dismount at traffic lights or road junctions! However, many experienced cyclists swear by the system and say that it provides you with better control and more power when pushing down on the pedals. Drawbacks of the system include the fact that walking on "real" cycling shoes when off the bike can be uncomfortable. The key points to look at when choosing cycling shoes are the fastening system, the sole, the cleat style and of course the fit:

Fastening system: There are several types of closures for cycling shoes, and the main ones are laces, ratchet buckles, Velcro straps or BOA cord fastenings. Velcro fastening are reliable, strong and lightweight. Ratchets are sturdy, allow easy adjustment while on the move, and provide a very firm hold on your foot. BOA is the lightest system available but is at the top of the price scale. Laces are cheap and lightweight but are hard to adjust while on the go.

Soles: Carbon soles are light and stiff, which makes them the most popular choice for most riders, but are expensive. Cheaper shoes will have plastic soles, and mid-range options often come with a composite mixture of the two.

Cleat style: Most road cycling shoes are designed to take three-bolt cleats. However, some are compatible with two-bolt cleats only, and some can accommodate both. Two-bolt SPD cleats are popular among commuters and touring cyclists. The wearing of cycling shoes, compatibility of cleats with pedals of different brands (both shoes and bikes) can be a nightmare for beginning cyclists, so please make sure you get advice before purchasing your cycling shoes.

Fit: Perhaps one of the more difficult elements to get right, as some brands of shoe are wider than others. As a general rule, cycling shoes need to be a close fit without becoming uncomfortable or causing blisters or chafing on your feet.

What types of cycling shoes are available at Anaconda?

Here you can find both entry level shoes, ideal for beginners, as well as cycling shoes from leading brands like Giro, and waterproof booties from Bellwether.



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