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Never Getting The Right Fit? Here Is How You Choose Your Daily Shoes!

Shoes you will wear everyday must be trendy, functional, but also comfortable. So, choosing the right type of shoes for daily wear is certainly important. If you struggle to find the right fit regularly, make sure to take advantage of our expert tips before you choose a new pair of shoes today.

Should I Measure My Feet Before Choosing New Shoes?

If you have worn the same size for a considerable amount of time, but they are not the right fit, you could benefit from measuring your feet again. However, in most cases it is enough to see if your current shoes are too small or too big. If so, you simply go up or down a size to get the best result.

When you are uncertain about the best size of footwear, you can always get a good result by tracing the feet. Tracing the feet also gives you another advantage, as it helps you to determine whether you have regular, narrow, or wide feet. If you have narrow or wide feet, it is best to choose shoes that cater for that type of foot.

How Do I Choose Shoes For Narrow Feet?

While it is relatively easy to find shoes for wider feet, narrow feet can be more of a challenge. People with narrow feet often encounter problems such as blisters and chafing wounds, this due to the fact that their feet tend to slip around in the shoe.

Laces - One of the ways you can counter a narrow foot problem is to choose a shoe with some laces. Using laces can prevent your foot from slipping inside the shoe, subsequently preventing those painful blisters.

Use inserts - If you find it impossible to find the right shoes, be sure to have a look at additional inserts. By using inserts, you can lift the foot up inside the shoe. As such, your feet will fit inside the shoes a little better.

Better arch support - One of the problems that can be encountered with narrow feet is a lack of arch support, which in turn can cause sore feet after a considerable amount of walking. Therefore, look for shoes that have additional cushioning and support in the middle of the shoe, this will support the arch of your foot better. If you cannot find a shoe that matches these requirements, you can also look for an additional insert.

How Do I Choose Shoes For Wider Feet?

Much like customers with narrow feet, it can be a challenge to find shoes that accommodate for wider feet. That being said, manufacturers are becoming more aware of the wider foot problem, so there are more shoes that will cater to those with wider feet. Still, here are some shopping tips to consider before your make a purchase.

Removable insoles - When you have wider feet, big insoles can make your shoes more uncomfortable. So, if you want to make sure you have the right fit, why not look for shoes that have removable insoles? This way, you can adjust them with some thinner ones that accommodate for a wider foot.

Laces - Much like people with narrow feet, laces are recommended for people with wider feet. A closure system such as laces allows you to adjust the width of your shoes, this opposed to zippers that can be quite rigid.

Avoid pointy designs - Pointy shoes may look beautiful, but they are a no-no for people with wider feet. When you have wider feet, you need the extra space for your toes. Therefore, always choose shoes that provide more toe room.

Wide soles - Finally, always look for shoe designs that have a wider sole. By choosing a wider sole, you have a shoe that will accommodate your wider feet and provide you with ample support and shock absorption.

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