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Fiskars is a renowned Finnish brand known for its cutting-edge design and quality craftsmanship. Founded in 1649 as an ironworks company, it has evolved into a global company, with a focus on innovative gardening, crafting and outdoor tools. Fiskars tools are celebrated for their iconic orange-handled scissors, showcasing a commitment to ergonomic design. Our wide range of Fiskars tools includes Fiskar mauls, Fiskar shovels, Fiskar scoops and much more. With a rich history spanning centuries, Fiskars remains dedicated to creating functional, durable and thoughtfully designed products that simplify tasks and enrich the lives of users worldwide.

Elevate your gardening, crafting and everyday tasks with Fiskars, a trusted brand blending heritage and innovation. Our iconic Fiskars Mini Mattock sets the standard for precision and comfort. Explore our range of cutting-edge gardening tools, such as scoop shovels, trowels, mattocks and digging hoes, featuring ergonomic designs for effortless planting and pruning. Unleash your creativity with Fiskar tools, offering precision and durability in every cut. From trowls to hoes, Fiskar tools embody reliability and thoughtful design. Shop the entire range of Fiskar tools online or in-store at Anaconda today!

Fiskar Tools FAQs

What is the best Fiskar tool?

Determining the best Fiskar tool depends on your needs. The Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruner, with its innovative gear mechanism, stands out for effortless cutting in gardening. For crafting, the Fiskars Original Orange-Handled Scissors remain iconic for precision. The Fiskars 3-Piece Big Grip Garden Tool Set is also highly regarded. Choose based on your specific task, whether gardening, crafting or other activities.

Are Fiskars garden tools any good?

Yes, Fiskars garden tools are highly regarded for their quality and performance. Known for innovative designs, their products, such as pruners, shears and gardening sets, feature durable materials and ergonomic handles. Fiskars tools are celebrated for ease of use, precision and longevity, making them a trusted choice among gardeners for maintaining beautiful and well-kept outdoor spaces.

What is the best shovel for removing turf?

For removing turf, the Fiskars Long-Handle Steel Digging Shovel is an excellent choice. Its sharp blade and durable steel construction make cutting through turf efficient. The long handle provides leverage, reducing strain on your back. Fiskars is known for its quality, and this shovel combines strength and design, making it a top pick for turf removal.

What is a Fiskar maul used for?

A Fiskar maul is a heavy, long-handled tool used for splitting wood. It typically has a wedge-shaped head, often heavier than that of an axe, designed to deliver forceful blows to effectively split logs along the wood grain. Commonly used in forestry and firewood preparation, a maul is efficient for tasks requiring powerful and controlled wood-splitting actions.

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