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A reliable outboard motor is the difference between powerful navigation of waterways or a boat that requires rowing back to the dock. Outboard motor maintenance is an integral part of owning a motorboat, and a reliable fuel tank and fuel filter will hold you in good stead for an enjoyable time on the water. Here are some handy tips for maintaining your vessel.

When should I check and clean my outboard engine?

Your outboard motor should be cleaned after every use. This includes flushing the engine with clean water after returning home and prior to storing your boat for its next use. You should also test the engine if it has been unused for more than two months. Make sure your boat is tuned up prior to the beginning of the boating season. If you use your motorboat often, it is advisable to give it a tune-up twice per year.

What outboard motor parts should I check?

All moving parts should be checked after every outing. Turn the motor off, remove the outer covering and look for water seepage or leaks in hoses and fuel lines. Water infiltration will cause internal motor damage and can prevent the motor from running. If your motor is clean but still unreliable, you may need to change the oil filter or spark plugs.

What type of fuel, fuel tank and fuel filters should I use?

The type of fuel you use will depend on the motor, whether 2-stroke or 4-stroke. The risk of water entering the engine compartment is common, possible resulting in corrosion. Fuel sediment and condensation can also cause corrosion, so it is advisable to use a fuel additive that provides a vapor coating for protecting the engine. Anaconda has a range of external fuel tanks and fuel filters for various makes and models of motorboats. Here are a few great product ideas.

  • Easterner Universal Fuel Tank 23L
  • Easterner Universal Fuel Tank 11L
  • Sceptor Universal fuel tank with gauge

These purpose-designed marine fuel tanks are manufactured using high-density polyethylene. They are ideal for recreational use in marine environments. Universal fuel tanks are lightweight, non-corrosive, rust-proof, UV stable, and able to resist strong impacts.

  • Easterner Fuel Filter Mercury
  • Easterner Fuel Filter with clear bowl

The Easterner Fuel Filter with aluminium head and clear bowl is suitable for 2 and 4 stroke engines, but isn't suitable for diesel engines. This kit includes the filter, water separating assembly, aluminium filter head, mounting bracket, filter element and bowl which is easily drained using the screw-in plug. This filter is compatible with Mercury and Yamaha motors, providing the ability to remove particles as small as 10 microns.

What about fuel lines and spark plugs?

You have come to the right place. Anaconda boating and marine products include the Waterline Fuel Tank Cap With Gauge, Waterline In-Line Fuel Filters and the Waterline Fuel Pick Up Suit. In-line fuel filters include a clear vial for visual checking of any contaminants trapped in the filter.

We also sell high quality NGK Spark Plugs. These are the trusted spark plugs recognised by boaties around the world for their premium manufacture and reliability. They are also great value, thanks to our famous Anaconda lowest available price guarantee. While here, check out more Anaconda boating and marine products that include boat fit-out accessories, chandlery, boat electrics and a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products for keeping your vessel in ship shape.



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