Flush away silt, sand and salt from your boat engine with a boat outboard motor flusher. Shop a range of sizes for small and large motors at Anaconda!

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How do engine flushers work?

Waterline flushers feature single or dual feed muffs for high-powered flushing. Simply connect the flusher to a garden hose and your boat motor flushing intake, and turn on the water. Outboard motors are designed to be flushed regularly to remove salt build-up, corrosive materials and water impediments, whether you use your boat on salt water or fresh water.

If yours is a larger outboard motor, consider dual flow outboard motor flushers for handling greater water flow.

How long do I flush an outboard motor?

Flushing is fast and convenient using Waterline flushers. Modern marine engines have a built-in flush port for watertight flusher fitting. Follow your motor manufacturers guidelines for water pressure and water flow. The engine should be run while flushing for five to ten minutes to ensure the engine warms up enough to dislodge any caked on residues.

Do I really need to flush my outboard motor?

Regular flushing of your outboard motor will keep it in top running order. It is essential to flush the motor after use in fresh water or saltwater, and even if the boat has been sitting idly for a time. Salt residue and scale can clog cooling systems and cause the motor to run poorly. Genuine boaties undertake a basic maintenance schedule to ensure their vessel is in good running order, and engine flushing is an essential feature of any quality maintenance program.

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