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What is a chartplotter?

A chartplotter electronic navigation system combines a GPS receiver with the ability to display charts/maps. The boat pilot can continually monitor the movement and position of his craft in relation to the physical environment, above and below the surface. Chartplotters, fishfinders, marine radios and EPIRBS are high priorities for modern boaties who appreciate the advantages that technology can bring.

The integral chartplotter processor combines GPS data with detailed visual charts displayed on-screen. A chartplotter can calculate boat direction, boat speed, distance to the next destination and more. All data is displayed in real time for confident and capable navigation.

Why do I need a chartplotter?

Boat pilots use chartplotters to preload the route they wish to take. The information can be edited at any time prior to the voyage or during the voyage. Some chartplotters have the ability to store hundreds of routes for future use. Chartplotter routes consist of a number of waypoints that assist the skipper to avoid hazards such as shallow reefs and rocks.

Longitude and latitude information is depicted on screen to provide a visual representation of the waterway and boat surroundings. A chartplotter will also inform you if you have strayed off course and provide accurate information to guide you safely to the next waypoint. GPS functionality and embedded charts have resulted in chartplotters becoming an essential navigational tool.

Chartplotters can be used on any watercraft, and a single SD card is capable of storing electronic charts for all regions of the Australian coast, and they are particularly cost-effective at Anaconda. Chartplotters can also contain additional functions including man overboard markers and zoom ability.

Does Anaconda stock marine chartplotters?

Yes, we do. Our Raymarine chartplotters are among the best available, including the Raymarine Element 12S Chartplotter GPS. This device provides you with the freedom and ability to explore open waters, and is specifically designed for optimal performance and good value for money. A quad-core processor provides fast and responsive performance, while the all-weather, sunlight viewable display delivers chart and navigation data in high definition colour. Features of this great unit include:

  • 0" Optically Bonded LCD
  • Ultra-fast Quad Core processor
  • 1280 x 800 WXGA
  • Button control
  • Ultra-sharp 1500 NIT brightness
  • 12V DC (8V to 16V DC)
  • 8GB Internal Memory

Alternative Raymarine chartplotters available at Anaconda include the Element 9S and Element 7S units, available at unbeatable Anaconda prices.

Why choose Anaconda for chartplotters and marine accessories?

Anaconda is Australia's biggest outdoor and adventure retailer with more available products than anyone else. We have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets plus a superior online shopping experience. We partner with major Australian and international brands such as Lowrance, Garmin, GME and Raymarine, and we pass the savings on to you.

Our marine and boating range of products includes fuel tanks, boat battery covers, chandlery, boat fit-out kits, biminis, boat lighting, marine oil, lubricants and much more. At Anaconda, we offer afterpay, where you can purchase now and pay later. We have a network of Anaconda stores all around Australia, so there is bound to be an Anaconda retailer near you. Most importantly, every stocked Anaconda product comes with our lowest available price guarantee.



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