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Spoons are a simply designed fishing lure oblong in shape and concaved on one side. This lure is able to catch water, producing a wobble and light reflecting flash imitating a fleeing or crippled fish. Because spoons appeal mainly to the sense of sight they work best on clear or lightly stained water conditions.

The long standing popularity of spoon lures is due to the ease of use as a fish usually will hook itself when it grabs a spoon. Spoons work best for predators such asking Fish, Bonito, Salmon and Trout and are available at Anaconda in gold and chrome finishes.

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Can I buy spoons at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Believed to have been first used in the 1840s; spoons have been a central component in most angler’s kit for years. They are a simple yet effective lure that is ideal for beginners, particularly in helping with achieving success while learning basic fishing techniques. However, they are also becoming increasingly popular on professional tours, and for a pro angler, a spoon offers the precision necessary to entice that perfect catch.

How do I buy spoons?

Browse our website today for our fabulous range of spoons, and follow the instructions right through to check-out for delivery right to your door. Alternatively, you can visit one of our nationwide stories, where our team of assistants will be happy to provide you with help and advice on choosing the right spoon to up your angling game.

What are spoons?

A spoon is a simple lure that is an oblong shape. It is concave on one side, helping it to catch the water, producing a flash that will help you to attract that elusive catch of the day. You can use spoons to catch any game fish that feeds on baitfish and they are a key component of most angler’s terminal tackle set up.

Which spoon should I choose from Anaconda’s selection?

Your choice of colour when choosing the perfect spoon is very important, and you need to take the light intensity and colour of the water into consideration. It is recommended that you consider the colours of the rainbow when choosing your spoon, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet. Use colours within the first three of the spectrum, in well-lit conditions, whereas the darker three should be used in low light. Green is a good choice for average light, but silver and white remain to be the favourite. Silver, in particular, allows for a white flash in all conditions, so this more versatile lure will help to attract a wide variety of species. Also, consider size, bigger spoons are more suited to low light conditions. However, the flash can be too gaudy in well-lit water.

How to use spoons?

There are many fishing methods that use spoons including:

Simple and effective: The simplest method of using spoons when fishing is to cast your rod, countdown to your desired depth and then retrieve your gear slowly, allowing the spoon to wobble back.

Stop and Go: Stop and go is similar to above, however, when you are retrieving your line, reel it in for several turns then stop. Allowing your set up to once again sink into the depths of the water, this is a very effective method, as it allows the spoon to wobble more erratically, producing a more authentic imitation of a baitfish.

Tumbling: The tumbling method is a variation of the stop and goes method, but you should hold your rod high when you are retrieving your fish and dramatically drop the head of your rod when you stop.

How to attach spoons to my rig?

Many anglers will have different opinions on attaching spoons and ideal placement but attaching the spoon itself is relatively simple. First, tie a barrel swivel to the end of the main fishing line. Then tie a three or four-foot leader to the opposite side of the swivel. Finally, tie your spoon to the other end of the leader. The knot you use is up to you, but a Palomar or cinch knot is recommended. You could also use a snap swivel between the leader and the spoon. This will make it easier to change your spoons quickly, allowing you to adapt to changes in water and lighting conditions.

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