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Common Types Of Fishing Lures

Have you just started fishing, but not quite sure which lure is best for the area where you intend on fishing? There are certainly a lot of different lures you can use these days, so we have created a guide mentioning some common types of lures you could use for your fishing trip.

What Is A Spinnerbait Lure?

The spinnerbait lure is characterised by an oval spinner blade, usually made from a special kind of metal. You can find these lures with a single blade, but multiple blades are also possible. When the spinnerbait lure is placed in the water and you reel in some of your line to draw fish to your lure, the lure will attract fish with its unique movement.

Spinnerbait lures are available in various coatings these days, this allows for more colourful lures that appear to be more attractive for the fish you are trying to catch. Of course, spinnerbait tends to work better for certain fish than others. Overall, spinnerbait lures are popular for fish such as bass and pike.

What Is A Crankbait Lure?

Crankbait lures are probably the most popular types of lures in existence, as they are a good all-round choice for a variety of fish. The crankbait is characterised by a protrusion on its front. In some cases, the lure also contains hooks on the front.

Anglers should be aware that the size of the protrusion on the front of the lure can determine how deep the lure goes into the water. If you are an avid angler, it is a good idea to obtain crankbait lures in various sizes, this includes one suitable for shallow water, deep water, and one in-between.

What Is A Spoon Lure?

Spoons are counted among the oldest lures in existence, so they have certainly proven their effectiveness over the years. Despite their older design, spoon lures are still remarkably popular and a reliable choice for various fishing locations.

Like the other lures we mentioned today, spoons can have a variable design too. They come in a range of different colours and can even have a reflective surface to bounce of some sunlight. The natural sparkle and the unique movement this type of lure makes is certainly attractive for a variety of predatory fish.

Every advanced angler has some spoon lures in their collection. However, this type of lure is certainly suitable for beginners as well. Its operation is relatively simple, and it will attract a lot of different fish types.

What Is The Jig Lure?

The jig lure is a popular lure for anglers who regularly fish in freshwater locations. The unique design of the jig allows a rather unique, vertical movement on the water. Because of this movement, most freshwater fish will find this lure attractive.

We must mention that the jig lure can have a slightly variable design, as there are many subtypes of the basic jig lure. To use the jig lure effectively, you must have the right technique. So, if you are a beginner, you may require a more proficient angler to demonstrate some of the required techniques to get the most from your jig lures.

What Is Buzzbait?

A Buzzbait lure is quite unique in the fact that it creates vibrations when it is reeled in over the water. While most fish are attracted to the initial look of a lure, some fish are unable to make out those shiny lures you have in your collection. The Buzzbait lure is meant for that kind of fish, who will react to the vibrations the lure makes instead.

Even though the Buzzbait lure is used for quite specific reasons, it does not mean you cannot get this lure in vibrant colours and reflective designs. In fact, a colourful design can make this lure appeal to other types of fish as well. So, Buzzbait can be a good all-rounded too.

Fishing Lures Available At Anaconda

Anaconda has a massive range of fishing lures. We provide the fishing lures mentioned above, but also other subtypes we have not even covered yet. Our lures can have unique designs, colours, and even additional features. So, if you are looking to expand on your collection of fishing lures, be sure to consider the Anaconda catalogue first.



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