Founded in 1993 in Scotland, Endura has a no-nonsense commitment to advancing performance and function of cycling apparel, with the company earning iconic status for innovations that are transforming the cycling and outdoor industry.

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As a global brand with a focus on excellence, Endura is a well-known clothing partner of choice for leading brands. Road cyclists, mountain bike daredevils and triathlon athletes all support Endura quality. Collaborations with technologically advanced experts have resulted in Endura apparel that provides superior aerodynamics and the perfect fit. Achieving WorldTour podiums is no small feat, and something Endura is understandably proud of.

At Endura, rider testing of products is combined with high tech solutions, resulting in superior aerodynamics, temperature control during racing, and comfort in all riding conditions. Endura men's and women's gear is wind tunnel tested to minimise drag, while special fabric improvements have resulted in fine-tuned performance with maximum aerodynamic advantages. In competitive cycling, small improvements turn into big advantages over the competition.

Scotland enjoys strong mountain biking roots, and is a hub of biking excellence; a standard that Anaconda is proud to share with Australians. Endura staff have a genuine passion for the sport, facilitating internal expertise in design of progressive cycling gear for amateurs and professionals. The journey continues with Endura, and everyone is invited along for the ride. Purpose designed cycling apparel offers a host of advantages, whether you are heading down the mountain, speeding around a velodrome or simply cycling around town.

Better Fit: Endura cycling gear is cut to fit for normal riding posture that involves leaning over the handlebars. Shirts and jackets are manufactured with a longer back that keeps your torso covered; particularly useful in combination with higher waisted legwear that flexes at the waist and knees so peddling isn't impeded.

Comfortable movement: Quality cycling gear moves with the rider. This versatility is essential for cycling legwear. Special Lycra fabrics and material blends contain built-in stretch without bunching or chafing, allowing riders to remain comfortable for the duration of the journey.

Sweat resistance: Cycling apparel is manufactured with moisture wicking properties that draw sweat away from the body for evaporation. Compare this to cotton and other materials that absorb sweat, soak the garment, and ultimately make the rider wet and cold. It's no surprise professional cyclists and enthusiastic amateurs choose Endura.

Breathable Endura fabrics are rain resistant and include venting solutions for better air flow, ultimately keeping the rider cooler and more comfortable. Managing hydration is a high priority while cycling, making purpose-designed cycling gear the smart choice.

Padding comfort: Lightweight, aerodynamic cycling shorts include an even layer of soft fabric against the skin. You won't suffer extreme chafing with Endura bike gear, while cycling gloves also include padding that deals with handlebar vibration, along with hand protection should you suffer a fall off your bike.

Aerodynamic efficiency: When wearing proper cycling gear your energy isn't wasted battling against the wind. Endura cycling gear fits snugly and doesn't flap in the breeze or slow you down.

The expansive range of Endura cycling gear for men and women is something to get excited about, and Anaconda is proud to partner with this world-leading brand. From base layers and skinsuits, to jackets and jerseys for combatting colder weather, Endura has you covered from head to toe. Discover the Anaconda range of Endura products and hit the trail in style.

Anaconda offers Australia's most extensive range of outdoor apparel, equipment and cycling gear. Our commitment to showcasing the best local and international products is unwavering. We offer a lowest price guarantee on all items, plus special deals that can't be beat. Discover Endura cycling apparel and accessories online or in-store and take your cycling experience to the next level.



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