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Dirty Dog sunglasses are a hallmark of performance eyewear, renowned for their rugged durability and cutting-edge design. Born in Australia, a land of extreme conditions, Dirty Dog crafts sunglasses to withstand the harshest environments. From snow-covered peaks to sun-soaked beaches, their lenses offer exceptional clarity and UV protection. The brand's TR90 frames are lightweight yet tough, perfect for active lifestyles. Whether skiing, surfing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, Dirty Dog sunglasses provide superior comfort and style. With a range catering to men, women and kids, Dirty Dog sunnies continue to innovate, earning the trust of athletes and adventurers worldwide.

Elevate your eyewear experience with our range of Dirty Dog sunglasses, a brand synonymous with durability and performance. Crafted for the bold and adventurous, Dirty Dog outdoor sunglasses offer a diverse range of sunglasses designed to conquer any environment. From the snowy slopes to the sun-drenched shores, their lenses deliver unparalleled clarity and UV protection. Dive into action with Dirty Dog's polarised options, reducing glare for optimal vision. Whether you're seeking men's, women's or kids' styles, Dirty Dog's collection embodies style and functionality, making them a trusted companion for all your outdoor pursuits. Shop our entire range of Dirty Dog sunglasses at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Dirty Dog Sunglasses FAQs

Are Dirty Dog sunglasses any good?

Yes, Dirty Dog sunglasses are highly regarded for their quality and performance. Designed for rugged environments, they offer exceptional durability and clarity, making them ideal for outdoor activities. Their lenses provide excellent UV protection, and many styles come with polarised options for reduced glare. With lightweight yet sturdy frames, Dirty Dog sunglasses are trusted by athletes and adventurers alike for their reliability and comfort.

Where did Dirty Dog sunglasses come from?

Dirty Dog sunglasses originated in Australia, a country known for its diverse and extreme landscapes. Born in this land of harsh conditions, Dirty Dog crafted its eyewear to withstand the rugged environments of Australia and beyond. This heritage is reflected in their designs, which prioritise durability, performance and style. From the outback to the coastline, Dirty Dog sunglasses are born from the spirit of adventure and the need for reliable eyewear.

Do Dirty Dog sunglasses float?

Yes, Dirty Dog sunglasses are designed to float in water, making them ideal for water sports and activities. The TR90 frames used in many Dirty Dog styles are lightweight and buoyant, ensuring that if they fall into the water, they will not sink. This feature adds to their versatility and appeal for those who enjoy activities around water, providing peace of mind in case of accidental drops.

Does soap ruin polarised outdoor sunglasses?

Using soap to clean polarised outdoor sunglasses is generally safe as long as it's a mild, non-abrasive soap. Avoid harsh chemicals or strong detergents that could damage the lens coatings. Use lukewarm water and a small amount of soap, then gently clean with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean, lint-free cloth to maintain the integrity of the polarised coating on the lenses.

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