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Can I buy bike wheels at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda we understand that your bike's wheels are one of its most important components, and buying a new set of wheels is a great way to upgrade your bicycle, without breaking the bank. Check out our collection of premium quality bike wheels, available now at Anaconda's fabulously low prices.

How do I choose the right bike wheels for me?

There are a lot of different types of bike wheels available, and for successful and effective cycling, wheels need to form the perfect balance of speed, strength and performance. Whether you are road biking, mountain biking or stunt biking, for optimum performance, you should choose wheels that have been specifically designed for that purpose. Consider the wheels weight, upgrading to a lighter wheelset will improve acceleration and speed but some conditions require a tougher, more durable wheel. You also need to choose a wheel in relation to your type of brakes, rim brakes need a wheel with a flat rim sidewall, and disk brakes will require a disk-compatible wheel. You also need to take your axle attachments and dimensions into consideration, and whether your bike has a thru axle or a quick-release skewer.

How do I change my bike wheels?

How you change the wheels on your bicycle is dependent upon your bike itself, and you should always read the instructions carefully before attempting to change your wheel. However, a lot of bikes do have a wheel quick release lever which allows you to change your wheel quickly and easily without any tools.

How often should I change my bike wheels?

Replacement mileage can vary depending on how often you use your bike, how much braking you do, the road and trail conditions you ride on regularly, how aggressively you ride, and your weight and the weight of the bicycle. Some wheels feature a replacement indicator - this is a hole or a groove that disappears as your tyres are used. If your wheel does not have this, you can examine the rim surface for depression, or you may need to change your wheels as a result of damage.

How do I remove my child's safety wheels?

This selection also includes our range of safety wheels, an important step for some children when they are learning to ride their bikes. By allowing your child to ride safely and securely, our robust safety wheels will help them to build up their confidence. Then, when you both think that they are ready, remove the safety wheels and let them go. However, remember that there is no set age for a child to have their safety wheels removed, ensure that they are only removed at the right time for your child.

How do I care for and maintain my bike wheels?

Caring for your bike wheels properly is essential to ensuring that they continue to offer peak performance. Check your tire pressure regularly and repair punctures as soon as possible. You should also clean your wheels regularly. When you are riding, dirt and grime can get into the crevices resulting in an abrasive and damaging surface. Pay particular attention to the bike pads, ensuring that they are left clean after each ride. Finally, do not be tempted to use a pressure washer on your wheels, as this can damage their hub and spokes.



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