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Fasten your speed when cycling on roads with our durable, quality road bike range at Anaconda. Explore the complete range today at Anaconda.

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Can I purchase road bikes at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks a number of road bikes, specifically designed for cycling fast on roads and other smooth surfaces. If you are looking for a more leisurely bike ride, check out our urban and comfort bikes, or for off-road options see the range of mountain bikes on sale here too.

What exactly is a road bike?

Road bikes, also sometimes called racers, are bikes that have been specially designed to take you as fast and as far as you can go along roads or other smooth surfaces. The main things to look out for in a road bike are:

Frame - Road bike frames are usually made from aluminium, sometimes steel and in the more expert categories carbon fibre and titanium are also used. They don't need to be as robust as mountain bikes due to the smoother terrain, but will be lighter than those on urban or comfort bikes.

Wheels - Road bikes tend to have much narrower wheels and tyres than mountain bikes or comfort bikes, with thin, stainless steel spokes.

Handlebars - Most road bikes will have the well-known dropped handlebars, which allow you to use different hand positions depending on your speed and type of riding.

Saddle - Road bikes often have long, narrow saddles, which take some getting used to when first starting out but according to experts are more comfortable on long runs than larger, padded saddles.

Other items that will vary from bike to bike are gears, wheel size, aerodynamics and more. As with all bikes, it is important that the bike fits your size, so make sure you get proper advice when first thinking of buying a road bike.

Does Anaconda stock everything I need to go cycling?

Yes, we can help you with cycling clothes, shoes, socks and other accessories, as well as items you may want to take on your journeys such as hydration packs, food, first aid and more. Also check out our range of spare parts and repair kits, as well as personal security items such as helmets, and locking mechanisms to protect your bike when not in use.

Everything you need to enjoy cycling can be found here, so check out our cycling range online today.



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