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When Should I Wear Thermal Clothing?

Thermal clothing can have numerous applications these days, this goes from outdoor sports to hiking and camping. Because of its many applications, outdoorsy people do wonder when thermal clothing is most effective. If you want to know when to use thermal clothing or what the benefits of thermal clothing are, be sure to read our comprehensive guide below.

What Fabrics Are Used For Thermal Clothing?

The fabrics that can be used for thermal clothing are quite diverse, as many fabrics can provide warmth and comfort. A common material used in thermal clothing is cotton, as this material can provide lots of warmth. In some cases, this material is combined with a manmade material such as polyester, this provides the material with added durability and strength.

Wool is another material that can be implemented in thermal clothing. In most cases, a specific kind of wool called Merino is used, this due to the many beneficial features associated with this specific material.

In addition to the fabrics being used for thermal clothing, you may notice some specific patterns on the fabric as well. Many thermal clothing has a unique texture, this is caused by the so-called box weave method used by thermal clothing manufacturers.

How Does Thermal Clothing Keep Me Warm?

Thermal clothing relies on the concept of insulation, this means that thermal clothing function in the same way as insulation in your home. It creates a barrier between yourself and your garment, absorbing moisture from the body, regulating air flow, but also adding warmth to keep you nice and snug.

With the insulation principle of thermal clothing, we need to look a little closer at the differences between cotton and wool. Wool is often preferred for thermal clothing over cotton, this because cotton does not provide insulation when it comes into contact with water. To counter this problem that cotton provides, it is often combined with polyester by manufacturers.

How Is Thermal Clothing Best Used?

To be most effective, thermal clothing is used underneath other garments. While they can be worn as an outer layer, this is often more for fashion reasons than for the provision of warmth or insulation. If you are going to be in the outdoors in relatively cold temperatures, thermal clothing is best worn underneath.

As you may know already, thermal clothing is available in various shapes, sizes, and types. Nowadays, you can obtain a full bodysuit in thermal material, but also tops, bottoms, and underwear in separate thermal materials. So, you can choose clothing you feel more comfortable in.

Should I Use Thermal Underwear?

Many people buy thermal tops and bottoms, but they often forget about thermal underwear. However, thermal underwear is one of the most effective pieces of clothing to keep you warm and snug in colder temperatures.

Thermal underwear keeps the body's heat inside your garments, and any cold from the environment out. There are various materials that are implemented in thermal underwear, this goes from the cotton and polyester combination we mentioned earlier to Merino wool.

Should I Get A Base Layer?

A base layer is considered as an essential when it comes down to insulation and keeping warm in cold environments. For your base layer, it is important to consider the various weights available, as you can obtain base layer in a light, medium, and heavy weight. Naturally, the heavier your base layer, the more insulation and warmth it provides. Therefore, the heavier base layers will be reserved for extremely cold temperatures.

Please note that heavier base layers are almost always worn over a lighter layer, this because the lighter base layer is essential for moisture management. If you are prone to sweating, or often get uncomfortable with a heavier base layer, you cannot go without the lighter base layer underneath.

Thermal Clothing Available From Anaconda

Anaconda has one of the finest selections of thermal clothing, this goes from base layers to thermal bottoms and more. If you need the proper attire for colder temperatures, Anaconda can certainly provide what you need. Explore our extensive catalogue to discover the amazing thermal clothing we have available! Don't forget, club members can also grab some big discounts on our entire catalogue.



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